Vegan Food Industry: On the Path to Faster Growth and Expansion With Infiniti’s Competitor Analysis Model

December 12, 2018

Importance of Competitor Analysis Model

The competitor analysis model helps firms to gauge historic and current market data to redefine their corporate objectives and devise effective strategies to take advantage of the dynamic and emerging competitive landscape. Every sector has its own version of competitor analysis model whose function is ultimately the same i.e., to line your offerings with others in the industry to identify where your offerings are superior or falling short.

Furthermore, the importance of competitor analysis model lies in determining a brand’s competitive advantage. A detailed understanding of the competitive landscape is crucial as it helps identify competitors and succeed in the market. Moreover, analyzing the importance of the competitor analysis model is crucial to succeeding in the market. Request more information from our experts to better understand how your business can benefit from our solutions.

Vegan Food Market Analysis

Americans’ increasing concerns about health issues have contributed to a booming population of vegetarians. Thus, the vegan food industry has gone from being a relatively niche market to fully mainstream and the retail giants have spearheaded the move towards vegan options in supermarkets. The vegan food industry growth is not only driven by vegetarians, but also by a large number of meat and dairy reducers, flexitarians, and people, especially the millennial demographic, who enjoy non-meat food. However, while the market demand for vegan foods are expanding, the rising consumer preference and upsurge in population is sure to challenge the vegan food industry growth. Thus, vegan food market players need to stay renewed on vegan food industry trends and competitor offerings to stay ahead of the global competition.

About the Client

The client is one of the leading vegan food manufacturing firm established in the US.

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Predicaments Faced

A renowned player in the vegan food industry with a considerable number of product offerings approached Infiniti Research to carry out a competitor analysis engagement. The client was facing predicaments in conducting a detailed analysis of the competitors, their sales numbers, and market shares. As a result, the client wanted to devise a competitor analysis model to develop robust marketing strategies that would help them gain a competitive advantage over other companies. With the help of competitor analysis, the client wanted to profile major competitors in the vegan food industry and understand their current marketing initiatives. Furthermore, the client was looking at evaluating the performance and capabilities of peer groups to facilitate qualitative and quantitative comparisons.

Solutions Delivered

The solutions and recommendations provided by Infiniti’s experts offered granular insights into the vegan food market in terms of latest trends, market scope and the overall competitive landscape. The development of a precise competitor analysis model provided the client the required data to develop precise business strategies to gain a winning edge over their peers. Analyzing the importance of competitor analysis model and implementing it subsequently helped the firm accomplish their main objectives while keeping track of their competitors’ development. Moreover, the competitor analysis model uncovered insights on:

  • Developing competitive marketing strategies to win potential customers
  • Monitoring competitors and managing disruptive changes
  • Developing winning strategies for entering new markets

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