Uncovering Business Opportunities and Fostering Strategic Growth with Market Opportunity Analysis

October 11, 2019

Due to constant disruptions in market dynamics and policies changes, keeping up with the developments in the market and exploring new opportunities have become imperative for businesses. Given all the risks in the market, staying in the comfort zone feels like a very smart choice for some business owners. But it’s not! If you want your business to keep growing, you must consistently seek new opportunities.

While it’s tempting to rush to the market to transform your great business idea into a reality, the inability to carry out effective analysis of market opportunities can doom your business. Investing in a market opportunity analysis can easily help you to successfully outgrow your competitors by discovering new ways to expand reach outside your core business.

Given our expertise in offering market opportunity analysis engagement, we have helped various businesses to assess markets’ readiness for new offerings and become market leaders. This newsletter covers some of our success stories that highlight how our market opportunity analysis solution has helped companies to develop a detailed understanding of the attractiveness of market opportunities for their product and service offerings.

Market Opportunity Analysis to Support the US Market Expansion Plan for An Automaker

Over the past few years, we have been hearing about ambitious market entries going kaput. Though profitable in the home nation, various businesses fail to crack international markets. Have you ever wondered why is it that so many organizations fail to succeed overseas? The main reason being companies lack adequate research of the market and its competitive landscape. Leveraging market opportunity analysis can help businesses to stay informed about the present as well as the long-term forecasts of the market. This can subsequently help businesses to successfully establish their foothold in a new or foreign market.

This success story will help you better understand how our market opportunity analysis engagement helped an automotive company to expand their insights into the US automotive industry and focus its efforts in the right direction. Also, find out the detailed approach undertaken by the experts at Infiniti Research to help the client make insight-based market expansion decisions and establish their foothold in the US automotive industry.

Realizing Savings of over $8 Million for Financial Services Provider

The Canadian banking industry is witnessing a phase of tremendous disruption, triggered by the advent of digital technologies, ever-changing regulatory environment, and proliferation of FinTech organizations. Therefore, for companies looking to enter the Canadian banking industry, understanding and navigating challenging market conditions has become inevitable. Leveraging market opportunity analysis solution can help businesses to achieve this objective and flourish in an extremely competitive landscape.

This success story is a perfect example of how market opportunity analysis can help businesses to gain a leading edge in an unknown market and realize huge savings. Although the client had prior experience in serving customers throughout the United States, they found it challenging to expand their operations to the Canadian banking industry. They approached the experts at Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering market opportunity analysis.

With our market opportunity analysis engagement, the client was able to capitalize on profitable market opportunities and yield huge profits. In addition, by leveraging our market opportunity analysis solution, they were able to realize savings of over $8 million within three years of entering the new market.

Market Opportunity Analysis to Support Data-Driven Business Strategies for Flexible Packaging Firm

While introducing a new product or service in a market, businesses must keep up with the escalating market demands. Also, businesses will need to understand the opportunity and potential for their products in the market. This requires a thorough understanding of the critical factors including investment environment, industry development, industry capacity, and marketing channels.

Market opportunity analysis can help businesses to develop a detailed understanding of the potential for their product and service offerings in a market. This is clearly evident in one of our success stories. By leveraging market opportunity analysis solution, a flexible packaging company was able to gain insights on critical success factors to devise its go-to-market strategy and route to entry in the market. With our market opportunity analysis engagement, they also gained a detailed understanding of the offerings and strengths of key competitors. In addition, with our market opportunity analysis solution, they achieved a 50% reduction in the total cost of operations and up to $13 million in potential annual operational savings. Request a free proposal to learn how we can help you achieve similar benefits.

Market Opportunity Analysis of the Alcoholic Beverage Industry

Gaining a thorough understanding before leaping into a new market is crucial for businesses to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. Also, keeping tabs on target market segments, tracking emerging market trends, regional market developments, and profitable marketing opportunities are becoming vital for businesses. This is where the real power of leveraging market opportunity analysis comes into play.

Our client, an alcoholic beverage company wanted to validate potential market opportunities and expand into new market segments. They needed help in understanding the potential for their product offerings in developed nations. Also, they wanted to evaluate their average sales potential for the next five years.

With our business opportunity analysis engagement, the client was able to gain strategic insights to foresee changing market dynamics, make informed decisions, and explore new business opportunities. – Request more info for detailed insights.

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