Market Assessment Engagement: A Case Study on the Rigid Plastic Packaging Industry for the APAC Region

May 16, 2018

Rigid plastic packaging, as the name suggests, solely involves the usage of plastic materials; it has a relatively inflexible shape or form. The global rigid plastic packaging industry has exhibited considerable growth in the past few years, driven by the various beneficial properties of rigid plastic packaging, such as it is lightweight, supple, and durable properties. However, our in-depth analysis of the global packaging industry shows that rigid plastic packaging manufacturers are facing challenges in terms of:

  • Non-biodegradable properties: The non-biodegradable properties of rigid plastic packaging have a serious impact on the environment. This is a major restraint for the rigid plastic packaging market’s growth. As a result, manufacturers must look to use natural raw materials over synthetic materials for manufacturing rigid plastic packaging materials.
  • Sustainability: There has been continuing success in light weighting packaging, particularly rigid packaging, and in replacing rigid formats with flexible packaging systems, particularly new pouch structures. However, there is presently no packaging that is completely sustainable and the various packaging materials cannot be unambiguously classified as upright or depraved. All have their benefits and limitations depending on the product application, and tradeoffs are necessary to arrive at an optimum position.

For companies in the packaging industry to overcome many such challenges, it is best recommended to leverage the use of robust market assessment solutions. IR_RFPWith the help of Infiniti’s market assessment solutions, firms can gain an accurate understanding of the market dynamics and accordingly frame value-creating strategies.

The Business Challenge

  • The client: A rigid plastic packaging company

To obtain strategic insights and comprehend the market’s potential, competitive landscape, and customer characteristics, the client – a leading rigid plastic packaging manufacturer – approached Infiniti to engage in a market assessment study, which would help them understand the future market space specific to the packaging industry in the APAC region. The client also wanted to gain a detailed understanding of the size of the market and identify the major customer segments in terms of the volume of their business and investment.

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Our Journey

To provide a comprehensive analysis of the competitive landscape by identifying the leading brands in the APAC market, Infiniti’s market assessment specialists followed a comprehensive research methodology comprising of interviews and discussions with prominent stakeholders in the global packaging industry. The specialists also compiled information from a wide array of reliable sources such as trade shows, paid industry databases, and company presentations.

The Solution Benefits and the Business Impact

With the help of Infiniti’s market assessment engagement, the client assessed the overall market, competitors’ business structure, and buying behavior of the end users. The client also derived numerous benefits in terms of understanding the customer segments, market size, and the competitive landscape of the rigid plastic packaging industry in the APAC region.

The Future

Technology is expected to play an important role in the rigid plastic packaging market’s development as it competes with rival packaging types. Furthermore, the penetration of digital printing systems for beverage bottles and new concepts like no-look and interactive labels are pushing innovation in key segments.

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