Enhancing Profit Margin by 44% by Creating Digital Implementation Roadmap for a Company in the Mining Chemicals Market

March 10, 2020

Mining Chemicals Market Overview

The European mining chemicals market has long held a strategic place in the economy, fostering innovation, employment, and growth. Rising demand for tailor-made chemicals, increasing mining activities, and green mining solutions are among the key trends spurring the mining chemicals market growth. However, the ongoing cost pressure, complex supplier portfolios, shortening value chains, and changing asset structure are increasing challenges for companies operating in the European mining chemicals market. As such, mining chemicals suppliers are compelled to innovate chemical extraction technologies and integrate digital solutions to boost operational efficiency and achieve profitability.

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Business Challenge

The client, one of the largest firms in the European mining chemicals market faced significant losses due to overproduction and drop in product demand. Also, the ongoing cost pressure caused by intensifying global competition made it difficult for the company to compete with low-cost manufacturers. They wanted to focus on pursuing digitalization projects to achieve operational excellence and minimize their losses. However, this required achieving performance improvements in production, supply chain, and asset management. Also, this demanded focusing on cost reduction and risk management approaches. The client, therefore, approached the experts at Infiniti Research to gain a detailed overview of the changing market scenarios in Europe and build digital implementation roadmap.

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market intelligence engagement helped the client develop and integrate digital technologies to boost application efficiencies for their customers. Also, as recommended by the experts, the client embraced new chemistry formulations and compositions to advance operational orderliness and mineral processing steps. In addition, by deploying customized chemicals, green mining solutions, and innovative mineral extraction technologies, they were capable of extracting more mineral content from low-grade mineral ores and waste products. This helped the company to achieve performance improvement and enhance operational efficiency.

The mining chemicals supplier was able to pursue digitalization projects to achieve operational excellence. Also, by implementing risk management approaches, they were able to assess and track risk dimensions constantly. By keeping pace with price fluctuations in the market, the client was able to streamline operations and build contingency plans. By focusing on cost-effective technologies, they were able to achieve cost reduction in production processes.

Within one year of leveraging our market intelligence solution, the client was able to achieve performance improvements in production, supply chain, and asset management. Moreover, the client was able to create digital implementation roadmap and pursue digitalization projects. The company enhanced profit margins by 44% in a year.

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