Infiniti Research Helped an International Hotel Group to Outperform their Peers – A Market Intelligence Case Study

September 14, 2018

Market Intelligence Report: How Can it Help Your Business?

Given the constantly changing macroeconomic environment, it’s imperative that you keep abreast of the latest market trends. Whether you are interested in acquiring new customers, evaluating new market opportunities, or looking at managing your existing clientele, you require access to the reliable market information that enables you to make the best decision for your organization –  considering both the current and future market conditions. Here are a few ways in which a market intelligence report can help your business:

Gain a holistic view of the market

Validate internal research

Gather industry-specific information quickly

Strengthen your credibility and reputation

Use objective data to make informed business decisions

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Predicaments Faced

The client – an international hotel group – was looking at devising an effective method to gauge the quality of their services and compare it with leading competitors in the market. To do so and boost the quality of their services by employing effective methods, the international hotel group decided to conduct a market intelligence assessment to generate a market intelligence report and identify the key trends in the market.

Our Approach

The market intelligence experts at Infiniti Research conducted an in-depth market study by gathering data from several primary and secondary channels across the industry. This exercise enabled them to identify and implement specific concepts which helped the international hotel group to excel in the market by outperforming their competitors.

Business Impact

As a result of our solutions and recommendations, the international hotel group was able to identify the key drivers of profitability in the international hotel segment. This further enabled them to focus on the key indicators of financial success across their hotel chains. The market intelligence report acted as a roadmap to success by empowering the international hotel group to gain comprehensive insights into the dynamism in the global market landscape.

This market intelligence engagement helped the client answer concrete questions such as:

Where should the company devote more resources?

Which markets should it try to infiltrate next?

What are the key differentiating factors that they should focus on?

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