How Infiniti’s Market Intelligence Solution Helped a Financial Services Company to Outperform Their Peers

November 12, 2018

Market Overview for Financial Services Companies

Advancements in digital technology have dramatically remodeled the landscape of the financial services sector. Financial services companies typically account for 20%-30% of the total service markets’ revenue across the globe. As a result, new technology-oriented players have started entering the financial services industry to take advantage of its profitable nature. While financial services companies have largely recovered from the financial crisis and conditions have advanced significantly, there is a gnawing sense of concern regarding the possibilities of future growth. The challenges brought on by digital disruption, emerging technologies and risks, and impending accounting and regulatory changes remain high on the agenda of the management. Thus, financial services companies are now increasingly concentrating on developing enhanced strategies to reshape business portfolios enhance their product and service offerings.

Market Intelligence Report: How Can it Benefit Your Business?

With the constantly changing macroeconomic environment, it’s imperative that you keep abreast of the newest market trends. Whether you are concerned about acquiring new customers, assessing new market opportunities, or looking at maintaining your existing clientele, you require access to a reliable market intelligence report that allows you to make the best decision for your business – considering both the prevailing and future market conditions. Here are some ways in which a market intelligence report can help your business:

  • Gather industry information quickly
  • Validate internal research
  • Strengthen your credibility and reputation
  • Get a holistic view of the market

Why Infiniti Research’s Market Intelligence Solutions?

Established in 2003, Infiniti Research is a well-known market intelligence solution provider, offering smart market intelligence reports and solutions to address all your business challenges. We have been instrumental in providing competitive intelligence strategies, market intelligence reports, and research services to 550+ organizations across the globe.

Predicaments Faced

A renowned financial services client with a considerable number of offices spread globally wanted to gain fair information on the market scenario in terms of the competitors and their key product offerings. The financial services company also wanted to identify opportunities to grow, expand, diversify, and tackle the rising competition. With the help of Infiniti’s market intelligence report, the client wanted to seek measures to assess potential bottlenecks in the financial services space and devise effective ways to enhance business efficiency.

Solutions Delivered

To gain adequate insights into the financial services space, Infiniti’s market intelligence analysts carried out extensive interviews and discussions with prominent stakeholders within the financial industry. The market intelligence solution offered by Infiniti helped the financial services industry firm to gain detailed information on the market, the competitors, and their key customers. The market intelligence solutions also helped the client to refine their existing marketing models and devise powerful marketing campaigns to enhance business performance.  Moreover, the engagement also offered information in terms of market analysis, market size calculations, competitor analysis, substitute products, and market growth predictions.

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