Market Intelligence Study on the Replacement Tire Market

May 29, 2017

Over the last decade, the tire industry has witnessed unprecedented changes in terms of both production and distribution. With the rapid expansion of the automotive industry, there is a high demand for both new and replacement tires. Although the tire industry is witnessing exponential growth, the market for replacement tires is subjected to several challenges including economic slowdown, fluctuating fuel prices, and retreading of tires. With years of experience in delivering actionable insights into the market, our industry experts at Infiniti assessed the replacement tire market in terms of market landscape, growth factors, latest trends, challenges, and competition.

The Business Challenge

A manufacturing company based out of Indonesia was facing challenges understanding the growth prospects of the replacement tires market in the target regions. The client also wanted to assess the competitive landscape, key leading players, distribution channel, product portfolio, and demography for the replacement tire market.

Our Research Methodology

To assess the competitive landscape of the market, our industry experts carried out exhaustive primary research comprising of interviews with leading stakeholders in the market. Our market intelligence experts conducted discussions with business executives, leading industry experts, manufacturers, buyers, purchasers, consultants, analysts, and members of trade associations. As a part of secondary research, we collated information from a broad range of proprietary and external sources such as annual reports, journals, media platforms, industry forums, and company presentations.

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Our Solutions Helped the Client

  • Identify and assess the most popular tire pattern in the market
  • Identify the distribution channel of tires right from the manufacture to the retail segments
  • Understand the brand position of the company in the replacement market
  • Map high impactful future market trends

Benefits of Our Integrated Approach

After a detailed analysis of the competitive landscape, our team of industry experts delivered a comprehensive overview of the market, products, and stakeholders. The market intelligence study also outlined the product attribute analysis, product forecast, and positioning strategies. Also, the client was able to draw a comparison on the FOB price and retail price in the replacement tire market.

A must-read case study for strategy experts and decision makers looking for effective market assessment on the replacement tires industry.


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