Staying Competitive Amid Market Innovators – Infiniti’s Comparative Market Analysis Engagement for a Construction Equipment Manufacturer

December 4, 2018

US Construction Equipment Market Analysis

The construction equipment market in the US has witnessed a steady growth rate in the past few years, owing to high demand from the residential segment. Positive dynamics of the real estate sector across cities such as Seattle, Austin, Dallas, and Fort Lauderdale is likely to spur infrastructure development activities, fueling the growth of the construction equipment market growth over the coming years.

However, according to the construction market analysis report, the construction equipment is undergoing a major transition as new regulations come into play, compelling manufacturers to invest heavily in new technologies. Meanwhile, it is also encountering low sales volumes and increasing pressure on the suppliers of construction market industries.

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Comparative Market Analysis and its Application in Business

Market research is the method of systematically gathering, recording, classifying, estimating, interpreting, and analyzing data related to markets, to identify how fluctuations in the market affect customer behavior. The scope extends to aspects of a business environment such as competition, the structure of markets, regulations, state of the economy, financial analysis of a company, and more.                                      

Comparative market research analysis helps to identify the similarities and differences, and/or the uniqueness and interrelatedness of two different products or services. Moreover, comparative market analysis report helps companies prepare robust marketing strategies and benchmark their business against their competitors.

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About the Client

The client is a global construction equipment manufacturer and supplier.

Predicaments Faced

With several innovations taking place in the construction equipment industry space, the construction equipment industry client was facing challenges to expand their business. Hence, they were looking at developing a comparative market analysis report to gain a better hold on the market conditions by comparing with their competitors. Moreover, due to insufficient market knowledge about their competitors and specific market segments they faced several challenges in developing a robust market analysis report. Thus, with Infiniti’s comparative market analysis report, they needed to:

  • Understand the individual market segments
  • Analyze different market scenarios

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Solutions Delivered

The market analysis experts at Infiniti Research developed a comparative market analysis report that helped the construction equipment manufacturer to identify core investment opportunities to expand their market reach. The solutions offered further assisted the construction equipment industry client to understand the changing market scenarios. Furthermore, the devised market analysis report assisted the construction equipment manufacturer in successfully setting up their mark in the new market segment.

Infiniti’s comparative market report helped the client to:

  • Streamline their product positioning strategy based on the potential opportunities
  • Personalize marketing campaigns to target the best customers while being cost-effective

Comparative market analysis is the first step to making data-driven decisions for your business. Get in touch with our experts to see how we can assist you in creating a sustainable business model!

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