Market Intelligence Engagement for an FMCG Client Aids in Managing Expatriate Policies

September 15, 2017

The FMCG industry is characterized by the presence of strong multinational companies and a well-established distribution network. The ease of availability of raw materials and cheap labor makes the FMCG industry an ideal destination for players wanting to gain a significant amount of market share in this landscape. Also, the rise in disposable income across the globe is resulting in premium brands gaining greater visibility and faster growth within the market space.

However, the FMCG industry is susceptible to fluctuations in disposable income or in other words, is very demand elastic. As a result, FMCG industry players have started adopting  market intelligence solutions to overcome such challenges and managing expatriate policies across all locations.

The solutions offered by Infiniti helps FMCG industry players to increase their market presence and gain a stronger foothold in the market space. Our market intelligence solutions help clients stay ahead of the competition by identifying their long-term intentions, liabilities, and capabilities. These solutions help FMCG clients maintain a distinctive corporate identity and minimize the risk of investments.IR_Brochure

The Business Challenge

A global FMCG conglomerate wanted to gain an in-depth understanding of how other multinational companies manage their expatriate policies. the client wanted to identify the key areas of motivation for young professionals to relocate from their home countries and, subsequently, to move back to their countries and apply within their company with the international experience gained.

Our Approach and Solutions Offered

Infiniti’s market intelligence specialists followed a comprehensive method comprising of interviews and discussions with leading stakeholders in the FMCG market. the market intelligence specialists built a dashboard containing relevant information to deliver valuable insights to the client by conducting expatriate assignments.

During the course of this market intelligence engagement, the FMCG client gained insights as to how other multinational companies manage their expatriate policies. The client identified the key areas of motivation for young professionals to relocate from their home countries and move back to their countries and apply within their company with relevant international experience. Additionally, the client was also presented with results by parameters including career development, salary, and motivators and benefits of company policies to move back to home country.


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Market Intelligence Assessment Benefits

  • Identified product focus by geographies
  • Identified significant countries where the competitors posed a high-level threat
  • Analyzed the distribution strategy by country
  • Analyzed competitors’ decision making across the countries among the targeted regions
  • Evaluated competitors’ future strategy and key areas

Benefits of Our Integrated Approach

In a span of mere 12 weeks, the client was able to gain insights on the management of expatriate policies by other multinational companies. Additionally, the client was able to evaluate the parameters affecting company policies to move back to home country including career development, salary, motivators, and benefits.

The market intelligence engagement also helped the FMCG industry client add values to their data, operate more efficiently, and curtail risks across multiple geographical locations.

A must-read case study for strategy experts and decision makers looking to develop an understanding of the FMCG industry.


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