Customer Satisfaction Helps a Retail Store to Improve Customer Experience

November 29, 2018

Retail Industry Trends

As we inch closer towards 2019, companies in the retail industry have started thinking about new ways to boost market presence and proactively identify market trends. Retail stores will continue to focus on building a powerful and enduring shopping experience to improve revenues this year. Personalization will still be one of the key retail store trends for 2019 and beyond. With the growing shift towards a consumer-driven economy, retail stores have started emphasizing on presenting authenticity, modernity, convenience, and creativity in their product offerings.

With an increasing number of consumers seeking new products and experiences, retail stores have been forced to find new ways to delight their customers and improve loyalty. To win their way back into consumers’ lives, retail stores must jump on board with key trends within the retail industry sector.

How can Customer Satisfaction Analysis Help Businesses?

Customer satisfaction analysis plays an essential role in running a successful business campaign. Customer satisfaction analysis offers an opportunity to effectively communicate with end-users; thereby, building true personal relationships. 

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Moreover, it allows businesses to:

  • Expand target group
  • Develop a pricing policy
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Optimize products

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About the Client

The client is a leading retail store in the US, with over 35 retail outlets spread across several countries. 

Predicaments Faced

The client, a leading retail store, wanted to leverage Infiniti Research’s solutions to boost customer loyalty and receive feedback on how to improve their customer service, both in-store and online. Since the client had over 35 retail stores in separate locations, they wanted to leverage our customer satisfaction analysis solutions to segment customers according to their purchase experience.

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Moreover, with the aid of a customer satisfaction analysis, the client wanted to gather targeted information on the notable shifts in the retail industry and drive customer loyalty.

Solutions Delivered

Infiniti’s first step was to conduct a customer satisfaction survey that captured all the data the client wanted information on. Our customer satisfaction survey helped the client to gain a better understanding of their customers’ requirements and concerns. This subsequently helped the retail store to improve their products and standards of service to bring them in line with customers’ needs. Moreover, by monitoring customer satisfaction and responding to problems, the retail store was able to improve customer loyalty and protect revenues and profitability. The customer satisfaction survey also helped the client to receive invaluable information and continue improving their customer experience.

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