Enhancing Brand Presence through Corporate Branding Strategy

November 5, 2018

Importance of Corporate Branding

It is a well-known fact that the overall success of a brand revolves around the establishment of a brand name as a corporate entity as opposed to its specific product or service offerings. A good corporate branding strategy is one that helps a business to define itself based on its core values and business objectives. This helps businesses to develop a unique and consistent identity across all mediums.

There are several well-known business establishments that have turned into household names over the years. One of the key reasons for such businesses to trip off the toRequest Proposalngue and gain a well-known market presence is because of their strong corporate branding. The development of a strong corporate branding strategy acts the fundamental step to brand development as it enables consumers to connect to your products/services through a brand logo. Corporate branding presents businesses with several new business opportunities that they can capitalize on, we’ve listed a few:

  • Creates brand awareness
  • Avoids misinterpretation
  • Fosters loyalty
  • Shapes customer’s opinions
  • Helps businesses to connect with potential customers

Client’s Profile

The client- a leading professional services industry player in the United States

Predicaments Faced

In the midst of an increasingly competitive market, the professional services company found it very difficult to reinvigorate their corporate branding strategy and position themselves as market leaders. The client- a professional services company sought to nurture and build its reputation as a strong, mid-sized firm with tremendous potential to grow. This prompted getthem to collaborate with a market intelligence firm to help them build a corporate branding strategy to remain competitive in a constantly changing market. The professional services company required a new corporate branding strategy which would help them promote their core values, encourage cohesiveness, and offer a bigger picture to their clients.

Our Approach

This corporate branding engagement began with a detailed brand assessment which revealed new opportunities for establishing better relationships between the professional services company and its clients. The development of a corporate branding strategy helped the professional services company to shift their focus and transform themselves from an underutilized professional services provider into a more profitable, consultative role, positioning their intelligence and business vision as key offerings.

Business Impact

Based on our research and the solutions offered the client was successful in establishing their brand presence to gain a competitive edge in the market. By embracing the developed corporate branding strategy, the professional services company was able to showcase their expertise in a whole new way. Other than the implementation of the global corporate branding strategy, the most important deliverable was the methodology adopted to implement the new strategy.

The overarching goal of this engagement, however, revolved around elevating their brand to improve its global reach.  Also, according to the professional services company, Infiniti’s collaborative approach was ultimately one of the key factors for the overall success of their brand.

Are you experiencing a drop in sales? How do you react when rapid growth outpaces your forecasts? Both of these could be a reason to take a good hard look at your branding strategy. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our experts to know about the importance of branding.

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