Enhancing Automotive Components Brand Positioning | Market Analysis

October 18, 2017

Automotive Components Market Overview

In the current market scenario, the automotive industry is facing relentless pressure to improve their returns on capital. Also, leading companies are facing troubles in effectively harnessing their limited capital resources to navigate through the current wave of technological innovations. To stay relevant in the current market space and enhance their brand positioning, leading manufacturers in the automotive components manufacturing space are advocating the need for a robust market analysis study. Market analysis study helps companies effectively identify the approaches that are instrumental in product marketing and modify the existing products to give a competitive advantage. Furthermore, an efficient market analysis study also helps businesses manage the rising costs and understand the after-market scenario for the automotive components.

To relatively stay ahead of the competition, leading manufacturers in the automotive components space are approaching companies like Infiniti Research. Infiniti’s market analysis solution helps businesses gain actionable insights on the current market landscape in terms of the competitors, their product positioning, and brand values. Furthermore, businesses can effectively allocate resources and gain better ROI with the help of solutions offered by Infiniti.

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The Business Challenge

A renowned automotive components manufacturer with a considerable number of manufacturing units was facing predicaments understanding their brand value and enhancing their current brand positioning in the automotive components manufacturing space. The client wanted to be stable in terms of engineering new products and wanted to understand the prevailing technologies and leverage the use of relatively new technologies to go on par with the current landscape. Also, the client wanted to understand the issues pertaining to the safety and environmental regulations.

Our Methodology

To address the issues pertaining to costs and improve their return on capital, the automotive components manufacturer approached Infiniti’s market analysis experts. With years of expertise in offering a plethora of market analysis solutions, Infiniti’s automotive components industry experts carried out extensive research comprising interviews and discussions with leadingRequest Proposal stakeholders in the automotive components manufacturing space. In addition, to identify the set of opportunities and threats for businesses, the client further offered insights by compiling information from various proprietary sources such as paid industry databases, company presentations, and industry forums.

Market Analysis Solution Benefits

  • Gained actionable insights on the target audience’s wants and needs
  • Identified the potential opportunities in the automotive components market space and minimized the risks
  • Robustly estimated the sales of new products and achieved maximum profits
  • Benchmarked and monitored the progress and made further informed decisions
  • Forecasted the sales volume and the life-span of the automotive components
  • Analyzed distribution strategies, advertising and media placement, and product attributes

Benefits of Our Integrated Approach

The market analysis solution offered by Infiniti helped the client craft an effective SWOT analysis and identify the competitor’s products, marketing activities, and brand positioning strategy. Furthermore, the client was able to position the products based on the demographics and psychographics. The engagement also helped the automotive components client to uncover the customer’s preferences and relaunch and rebrand their products based on the altering customer behavior.

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