Automobile Engine Manufacturer: Strategic Market Intelligence

July 18, 2018

The increasing demand for light-weight and alternative system solutions from OEMs is expected to pose new challenges for automobile engine manufacturers.

In today’s a tepid macroeconomic environment, the automotive market is one among a few industries that have demonstrated a robust double-digit sales growth and is anticipated to do so owing to the strong governmental support and ad-hoc tax incentives. However, adapting to change in a rapidly transforming automotive market is vital to withstand the growing competition. Factors such as the increasing demand for better mobility in megacities, new regulatory norms, revised standards for emission control, the need to partner with the right candidates in emerging markets have compelled automobile engine manufacturers to constantly realign their business strategies.

In addition, the high demand for light-weight vehicles and alternative system solutions have posed new challenges to automobile engine manufacturers. Also, automotive market players need to stay updated on new market trends, technologies, suppliers, and regulations to stay ahead of the global competition. Infiniti’s market intelligence solutions assist industry players in multiple Request Proposalstages of strategic and tactical decision making.

The Business Challenge

  • The client: A leading automobile engine manufacturer

To identify ways to spend their existing budget effectively, a leading automobile industry firm approached Infiniti Research to help them conduct an in-depth market intelligence assessment. The client was looking at establishing their market presence in regions with high growth potential. Also, with the help of Infiniti’s unparalleled market intelligence solutions, the automobile engine manufacturer wanted to gain insights into the automotive market segments, growth potential, and its ability to attract shareholders.

How Can Our Market Intelligence Solutions Help Players in the Automotive Market?

“Market intelligence is the process of leveraging intelligence to gather and analyze specific market data, in order to drive value.”

Players in the global automotive market face several challenges owing to the widespread nature of the industrial segment. With that being said, companies looking to enhance their growth potential in a profitable manner will have to make more incisive and strategic decisions than ever before to retain their position in a fast-evolving automotive landscape.

However, to equipoise the mayhem in the automotive market, players in this sector will have to make the most of the available opportunities and enter new market segments to drive profitability. Infiniti’s market intelligence solutions are designed to cater to the dynamic market needs of players and enable organizations to make critical business decisions to drive growth.

Summary of Our Market Intelligence Engagement

Automobile Engine

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Client’s Journey

The solutions offered by Infiniti’s market intelligence experts enabled the automobile engine manufacturer to leverage intelligence in identifying and capitalizing on new market opportunities, new alliances, keep abreast of regulatory changes, understand technology trends, benchmark industry standards, and monitor competitor activities.

In addition, our market intelligence solutions also enabled the client to gain a detailed understanding of the best ways to establish their market presence in high potential regions. It also assisted the automobile engine manufacturer in finding potential dealers in new market segments. To make this possible, the market intelligence experts at Infiniti conducted a detailed market research to help the client gain a better understanding of the automotive market landscape. The approach included primary and secondary research methodologies coupled with qualitative and quantitative data collection procedures. The experts also reached out to various stakeholders in the automobile engine manufacturing segment.

Solution Benefits and the Business Impact

Our expertise in the automotive market segment along with our market intelligence capabilities enabled us to offer strategic insights across all functional areas of the global automotive market including – product design and development, technology implementation, regulatory environment assessment, competitive intelligence, and marketing strategies.Request Proposal

Using a combination of appropriate business models and dedicated business intelligence tools, the market intelligence experts at Infiniti helped the automobile engine manufacturer to gain pertinent market insights. Conducting a market intelligence assessment also enabled the client to implement sustainable solutions and introduce breakthrough innovations across their business units.

The Future

To gain a competitive edge in the market, players will have to keep abreast of the ongoing transformations in the global automotive market. Owing to the huge volumes of generic market data available today, it is indeed a great challenge to gain comprehensive market insights about the target markets, competitor landscape, and market trends. Infiniti’s market intelligence solutions have been designed to cater to such specific needs of the market players; thus, allowing them to enter and capitalize on niche market segments.

However, the difficulty to compete with market players with advanced skillsets has necessitated the need to maintain competitiveness amidst the growing challenges. This is, in turn, is compelling firms to invest in market intelligence solutions to stay abreast of the changes in the market landscape. So, if you are looking to gain a competitive edge – ‘Market intelligence’ is something that is worth investing in!

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