Automobile Industry Analysis: Evaluating Financial Health in the US Market

June 20, 2019

Automobile Industry Analysis

New technologies, innovative designs, manufacturing processes, and changing consumer demands are making the automobile industry far more complex than they were a decade ago. Automobile companies are also under pressure to keep up with market demands and innovations. This necessitates companies to conduct automobile industry analysis to keep tabs on competitors, market innovations, opportunities, and risks. Infiniti Research has helped many automakers to understand its market position relative to its competitors and focus their resources on developing unique capabilities that could lead to a competitive advantage.

US Automobile Industry Analysis: Challenges Facing the US Automobile Industry

Automobile industry analysis

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Business Challenge

The client is an automobile company based out of the Midwestern United States. The client was new to the US automobile market. To identify and quantify the opportunities in the US automobile industry, the client approached Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering automobile industry analysis. Lack of adequate knowledge about the market and competitors posed major challenges for the client as they were unable to determine a clear business strategy and justify their actions. Furthermore, the automotive company wanted to identify and understand the risks and opportunities facing their business to develop unique capabilities that could lead to a competitive advantage.

By leveraging Infiniti’s expertise in offering automobile industry analysis, the client also wanted to:

Understand US automobile industry performance – The client wanted to analyze how well the US automobile industry is doing and also understand how the market changes will affect the performance of automobile companies in the region with the help of our automobile industry analysis.

Understand market position – With Infiniti’s automobile industry analysis, the client wanted to gain an in-depth understanding of the industry and competitors. With the insights obtained, the client wanted to understand their position in the US automobile market and differentiate their products and services from other companies operating in the same region.

Identify potential opportunities and threats – The client also wanted to understand the potential threats and opportunities in the US automobile industry to build strategic business plans.

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Solutions Offered and Value Delivered

The experts at Infiniti Research conducted automotive market research. The factors such as industry performance, major automakers, market opportunities, threats, and competitors market position were taken into consideration. The experts also compared the client’s business performance against various other market players using different metrics.

From the insights obtained from Infiniti’s automobile industry analysis, the client was able to gauge the competition and track their own progress in the US automobile market. The automobile industry analysis further helped the client to understand the performance trends and assess potential market opportunities. By leveraging Infiniti’s expertise, the client was also able to understand its market position relative to other major automakers. This helped them make changes in their business plans and identify niche market segments to promote their product offerings. In the course of three years, the client was able to gain a leading edge in the market. Also, with Infiniti’s automobile industry analysis, they were able to meet their revenue expectation and achieve an increase in profit margin by 12%.

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