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September 24, 2018

Market Intelligence Report: The Advantage Millions of Organizations Tend to Miss

Today, industries across the globe have a good understanding of their internal business processes, but they often lack comprehensive market knowledge because of which they lose out on the advantages and new market opportunities. On an average, most well-established companies possess surplus data on their marketing initiatives, lead generation efforts, budget plans, and product/service roadmaps. However, these companies are radically underinvested when it comes to understanding the external market conditions and data related to competitors, customers, and partners.

Most companies tend to function in an informational vacuum when it comes to understanding the external market conditions. However, best-in-class market players are the ones that invest in building capabilities to bridge this information gap. A well-developed market intelligence report brings in massive opportunities for businesses to find actionable insights and capitalize on new opportunities.

Client’s Background

The client – an award-winning food and beverage company, specializing in the artificial sweeteners market segment in the US. 

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Predicaments Faced

To facilitate accurate, insight-based decision making, the artificial sweeteners manufacturer was looking to implement a systematic approach to gather and process data about their external market conditions. Subsequently, the client wanted to gain insights into future-oriented business data and develop a market intelligence report. To do so, the artificial sweeteners company approached Infiniti Research to leverage its years of expertise in market research.

Our approach

The market intelligence experts at Infiniti Research were focused on developing a step-by-step business roadmap to help the client establish, conduct, and leverage market intelligence to turn market data into actionable insights. A precise market intelligence report was developed with an aim to deliver organizational value across their business units.

Business Impact

The market intelligence report offered a reliable, accurate, and authentic market information which aided the client’s decision-making process. The solutions offered by us helped the artificial sweeteners company to realize the importance of marketing intelligence in business decision making. Also, the market intelligence report offered a single view of market data which made it easier for the client to draw conclusions on business-critical issues.

Additionally, a fundamental understanding of the current market scenario offered much-needed insights that enabled the artificial sweeteners company to:

  • Increase their upsell opportunities
  • Improve marketing strategies
  • Make precise business decisions

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