Understanding Alcoholic Beverages Market Segmentation

December 3, 2017

Due to the ever-increasing competition across all markets, leading businesses across the globe are forced to improve their existing business models. In the alcoholic beverages industry, manufacturers are facing the need to target the right audience and position their product offerings effectively. The market segmentation studies offered by Infiniti help firms operating in the alcoholic beverages industry to target new customers across niche markets by offering innovative and attractive product offerings. Leading manufacturers in the alcoholic beverages space are approaching companies like Infiniti to cater to the business requirements of the target segments and drive successful sales and marketing campaigns across the globe.

With years of expertise in offering a plethora of solutions, Infiniti’s market segmentation studies help manufacturers in the alcoholic beverages space to implement superior marketing strategies and improve their brand presence. Additionally, companies can identify and enter niche market segments and accordingly allocate resources.

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The Business Challenge

A renowned client in the alcoholic beverages space with multiple manufacturing units across several geographies was facing predicaments in discovering new market segments and innovative methods of positioning their products. Additionally, the client was facing difficulties in profiling the right target segments and devising marketing strategies to penetrate the defined segments. Furthermore, the alcoholic beverages manufacturing client wanted to design robust inbound marketing strategies to improve their brand presence and tailor their marketing mix to meet the consumer’s needs and desires.

Our Approach

To cater to the specific predicaments of the client and help them realign their marketing efforts, the market segmentation experts at Infiniti carried out extensive qualitative and quantitative research and conducted extensive interviews with the leading stakeholders in the alcoholic beverages industry. The experts also amassed information from company presentations, paid industry databases, and industry forums to help the client gain better visibility into the communication channels across business units.

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Benefits of Our Integrated Approach

Infiniti helped the client, a major manufacturer of alcoholic beverages, devise new strategies to deliver products that meet the user’s preferences. Additionally, the alcoholic beverages manufacturer was able to identify specific market segments and allocate a budget based on the purchase behavior of consumers. This engagement also helped the client assess the product portfolios of the competitors and adjust their marketing campaigns to fend off the competitors.

Additional Benefits of the Market Segmentation Study:

Segmented the market size by application in terms of the product and geography

Analyzed the growth opportunities and accordingly allocated resources

Identified the potential drivers to understand the intensity of competition in the alcoholic beverages industry

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