Competitive Intelligence Assessment for an Air Suspension Manufacturer Helps Improve Analytics Turnaround Time and Revenue

May 10, 2018

The global air suspension market is expected to be worth around $5 billion by 2021

Over the years, suspension systems have progressed from leaf to coil-overs to the now trending fad of air suspension systems. Originally, their use was limited to commercial vehicles, luxury cars, and buses. However, today, air suspension systems are used across various segments of the automotive industry. The primary drivers for the global air suspension market are the rising demand for luxury and comfort, as a result of improved disposable income, and increasing preference towards luxury public transport for long distance travel among customers.

However, our in-depth study of the global automotive industry shows that the air suspension manufacturers are facing challenges in terms of:

  • Modularization: With the altering preferences of the consumers, the air suspension manufacturers have started facing the need to expand their product lines and develop innovative products to meet their specific needs. Additionally, the air suspension manufacturers will also face the need to manage assorted product lines with multiple product variants.
  • High-cost setup: Although the adoption rate of air suspension systems is increasing in commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles are not deploying them due to their high-cost configuration and increased expertise required for their service and maintenance.

To combat such challenges, it is best recommended to leverage the use of Infiniti’s competitive intelligence solutions. Infiniti’s competitive intelligence solutions help air suspension manufacturers make a comprehensive list of key market players by assessing their current financial information and strategic interests. IR_RFPThese solutions also help firms in the automotive industry space to identify and analyze the trends in the market on a global and regional scale.

The Business Challenge

  • The client: An air suspension manufacturer

The client, a renowned air suspension manufacturer, with distribution centers spread across 21 cities in over nine countries, wanted to understand the market landscape for the automotive industry including emerging trends, market dynamics, growth drivers, challenges, and competition. As a part of the competitive intelligence assessment, the client also wanted to gain insights into the demand for their product offerings across geographical regions.

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Our Journey

Infiniti’s competitive intelligence team proposed a blended research approach comprising of proven research methodologies, followed by a comprehensive analysis of market journals for this engagement. The team also deployed an experienced project management team that has considerable expertise in conducting market intelligence studies specific to the automotive industry segments.

The Solution Benefit and the Business Impact

With the help of Infiniti’s competitive intelligence solution, the client was able to identify the key competitors, their products, regulatory timelines, and technologies employed, which helped them make informed decisions. Additionally, the client saw clear benefits from our relationship; not only in terms of analytics turnaround time or the revenue impact, but also in terms of the experience.

The Future

Air suspension systems are a trending prospect to improve vehicle performance and sustain market presence. Additionally, increasing concerns over the safety and quality coupled with strict emission norms across the globe prompt air suspension systems manufacturers to develop technologically advanced systems.

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