Understanding the value of Pharma R&D in the New Era

Feb 25, 2020

The biopharmaceutical industry is currently growing at a breakneck speed. Furthermore, promising innovations in the pharma market such as gene therapy and cellular therapy coupled with the rising market demand mean that there are no signs of slowing down in the sector over the next few years. As a result, pharma R&D investments have doubled over the last decade. Apart from increasingly being an innovation-driven sector, the focus in the pharma industry is now shifting towards achieving ‘agility’ in product development in an effort to meet customer demands effectively and shorten the time-to-market. Moreover, as pharma R&D is highly capital-intensive, a strong foundation of technical capabilities is imperative for players in the sector.  

Over the past decade, Pharma R&D horizons have expanded as a wider range of players is pursuing innovative therapies and solutions by leveraging a broader set of technologies. The exponential growth in the data in the pharma sector can be channeled into the R& D space. Experts at Infiniti Research believe that data can help pharma R&D with several benefits, some of which are mentioned below.

Big pharma has immense potential to make pharma R&D a strong contributor to value creation. Want more insights on this from our industry experts? Request a free proposal.

Deeper patient understanding and better diagnosis

A rich pool of patient data is available in the pharmaceutical industry in the form of genomic, proteomic, microbiome, and biomarker data. But channeling and using this data pool for making the right diagnosis and enhancing better patient care is vital. Effective pharma R&D will allow pharmaceutical organizations to develop a significantly stronger and more evidence-driven hypothesis of data. This will eventually give room for a discussion on the value that particular medicine might deliver to patients and payers.

Structuring better therapies

Lead identification and optimization can now be effectively done using the data available through drug libraries, formulation, and clinical pharmacological data sets.  Several drug developments companies have begun attempts to automate their drug design via machine learning. A thorough pharmaceutical R&D is essential to understand the viability of such projects and assessing techniques of practical implementation.

Attain cost effectiveness and safety

The safety and cost-effectiveness of drugs are critical issues facing most pharma companies at present. Pharma R&D takes a deep-dive approach to understand even the minor details of drug and therapy development, helping companies gain a clear understanding of the safety and cost-related roadblocks that they can expect. Effective pharma R&D also prescribes the best practices and strategies through which pharma companies can improve the cost-effectiveness and reduce the risks involved in drug and clinical therapy development.

Pharmaceutical companies desperately need to bolster R&D innovation and efficiency to attain long-term success. Get in touch with an expert from Infiniti Research to know more on we can assist your business in this.

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