Top Trends Impacting the Future of Data Center

May 7, 2018

Data is vitally important to the efficient functioning of the world. Data is stored in multiple places in both public and private locations. Previously data storage was fragmented and was stored in small servers, personal computers, hard disk, and physical systems located on-site. As time progressed, most of the data were more or less moved to the data center. Today, companies and even consumers store their data in the cloud. The data center is exactly where all those cloud data are stored. The data that is being generated each year is growing at an exponential rate. As a result, data centers are being faced with the challenge to accommodate all data being generated in the world. So what are the key trends for a data center that are set to gain traction in the year 2018?

Disaster recovery

It is evident that all the data that is stored in the cloud is stored somewhere at a remote location. So what if something unexpected were to happen at that location? Are data centers prepared for such a level of a natural disaster? The question is how are they equipped to handle a natural disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, fires, and hurricanes in order to protect data from millions of people and corporations? The majority of cloud service providers are taking proactive measures to be prepared in case of such events happening. For instance, they can maintain the copy of the data at two different locations or use a power capping policy in the event of power failure.

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The dominance of flash storage

We have had huge advances in storage technologies which can see floppy disks replaced by CDs, CDs by a hard disk, and hard disks by flash storage. Flash storage completely eliminates the limitations of magnetic drives which use spinning disks and magnets to store information. In their earlier days, SSDs were very expensive and were only used in high-performance computing and big data workloads. Today, SSDs are readily seen in consumer electronics as well. As the prices of SSD and cost of data storage are in continuous decline, SSDs will be the preferred data storage mediums. Additionally, SSDs also assist companies to save on power costs which could result in savings of thousands of dollars in power and cooling.

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