Top 4 Emerging Markets of 2018 and Their Characteristics

Sep 17, 2018

Emerging markets, aka developing countries or emerging economies, are nations who are investing extensively in boosting their production capacity. Such nations have moved away from their traditional economy, which relied solely on the export of raw materials and agriculture. Emerging economies aim to offer a better quality of life to their people and focus mostly on rapid industrialization to drive growth.  Some of the characteristics of emerging markets include their lower-than-average per capita income and high volatility. Additionally, Get More Inforapid growth and more than average returns for investors are some of the other characteristics of emerging markets.

With the growing popularity of developing countries among investors, there has been a boom in the number of published articles that shed light on the characteristics of emerging markets. This makes it tedious for stakeholders to find relevant information. However, to make life easier for investors, we at Infiniti Research, have highlighted the top four emerging markets of 2018 that are all set to become the new superpowers in the years to come.

Top 4 Emerging Markets 2018


Many predict that this country, if it plays its cards right, will become one of the global economic superpowers in the years to come. With a massive population and talented workforce – most of who are proficient in English – this country is well poised to become the engine that will run the world economy. Its strategic location and common law legal system also makes India one of the promising emerging markets that will proliferate in an information-based and services economy.


Historically, this country has been influenced by corruption, inflation, and instability and has been a chronic underachiever for many decades. The recent impeachment of their president followed by her predecessor is just one of the examples of how much this country has been embroiled in scandals. Despite such challenges, Brazil continues to be a commodities powerhouse and is rapidly becoming famous for manufacturing industrial metals as well. The presence of a well-developed industrial sector and capability to produce aircraft and auto parts at competitive rates makes Brazil one of the most promising emerging markets of 2018.


Known for its infamous drug-related violence and terrorism scandals, Colombia has painted quite a mental picture in the minds of many American investors. Thankfully, a large part of that violence is now in the past and the country has now moved on to become the fourth-largest Latin American economy. Today, Colombia is considered to be one of the developing world’s shining stars and has made tremendous advances to post impressive GDP growth of 6%-8% Contact USover the last two decades.


The tale of any emerging market is incomplete without any mentions of China. This country is the proverbial “King Kong when it comes to its unquenchable thirst for raw materials and is solely responsible for driving growth in other emerging markets such as Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. The boom of the construction industry bodes well for the Chinese economy and their stocks are poised to do well irrespective of what happens in China’s economy.

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