The Top 6 Innovators in the Telecom Industry

Oct 30, 2017

The developments in communication technology are changing the way in which we are connecting with the world. Recent technological developments have urged telecom companies to shift from baby steps to digitization to taking bigger leaps in technological advancements to meet customer expectations. Let’s look at a few top global telecom companies who are transforming the telecommunications industry with their innovative communication technology.

Anywhere Sim, UKIR_Brochure

Anywhere sim is a new virtual mobile network; the company aims to provide multiple sim cards that work almost everywhere. This would a breakthrough invention in communication technology considering the network limitation imposed by various telecom companies. Anywhere sim has collaborated with multiple networks, which facilitates them to provide a seamless multi-network experience to their customers in the UK.

FreedomPop, USA

Freedompop is a global player among telecom companies, which was founded in 2011 with a pre-determined goal to eliminate digital divide among people by providing free wireless broadband internet access to everyone.

Kymeta, USA

The definition of connectivity for Kymeta is – secure, available, global and universal. Kymeta is one of the many telecom companies, who is trying to innovate new communication technology by leveraging satellite network capacity for high bandwidth communications, even when the customers are on-the-go.

LiveU, USA

LiveU’s breakthrough communication technology enables live video transmission from anywhere around the globe. LiveU sets the bar high in terms of high-quality and reliable live video acquisition, distribution and management.

ProjectFi, USA

ProjectFi is a wireless service powered by Google. ProjectFi ensures that the customer is always connected to the best network available by automatically connecting the customer’s device to either the WIFI or the  4g LTE partner networks, whichever has a better signal.

Ukkoverkot, Finland

Ukkoverkot is one of the Finnish telecom companies, which utilizes one of the best communication technology in Finland. They sell, market, and maintain mobile data networks that cover the whole of Finland, and is known to provide the fastest local wireless internet connection. Ukkoverkot focuses on communication technology that focuses purely on the production of wireless data communication services, for regular customers as well as industrial internet purposes.

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