Top Seven Business Intelligence Tools to Improve Productivity and Decision-Making Ability

Nov 2, 2017

Success in business largely depends on the qualities and vision of leaders and managers. The importance of data had largely been repressed in the past in favor of gut feeling, intuition, and experience of business leaders. That scenario is quickly changing as businesses are realizing the importance of data in driving the profitability and efficiency of an organization. Companies are increasing their reliance on business intelligence tools to monitor data and generate accurate business insights. There are numerous business intelligence tools available in the market. Here are some of the top business intelligence tools you can use to improve business-decision making process:IR_Brochure

Top Business Intelligence Tools

SAP Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions

SAP BI solutions provide a broad suite of solutions, covering every company processes. It offers both on-premise and cloud solutions to give users actionable insights on their fingertip. This tool caters to a diverse set of needs, serving various departments in an organization such as IT, management, operations, and end users. SAP’s predictive analytics tools harness the power of R to facilitate data visualization.


Sisense is one of the most prominent players in the BI tools market. In 2016, they won Best Business Intelligence Software Award from FinancesOnline, a business software review platform. Sisense facilitates data collection from various sources such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, and AdWords to simplify complex data sets and make big data analytics accessible even for small companies and startups.

Yellowfin BI

As quoted on the homepage,”Any BI tell you what happened, Yellowfin tells you Why,” Yellowfin BI offers business intelligence tools that share insights via simple scripts that can be uploaded, embedded, or sent to collaborators. With a vast customer base of over 25,000 clients, they serve to some of the big corporations such as Coca-Cola, Vodafone, HONDA, Xerox, and BMC. It offers FREE trial features with the full version starting at $1,750 a year for five users.

Clear Analytics

Clear Analytics is an Excel-based self-service analytics tool with spreadsheet manageability that allows you to centralize all your data in the process. As it uses the usual Excel reporting, there is a little learning curve involved, and it becomes easy to trace and audit data, ensuring company-wide compliance.


Unlike other business intelligence tools, icCube is a high performance and real-time analytical and visualization engine that is embedded in your application. icCube can seamlessly blend into any companies reporting themes and can be easily integrated into an Enterprise or OEM architecture. They offer a FREE trial business intelligence tool with the enterprise version starting out at €6,500 a year for up to 100 users.


Domo is a cloud-based business management suite that gathers data and insights from multiple sources including databases, spreadsheets, social media, and any existing software solutions. It connects all your crucial business data and facilitates collaboration across various business functions such as finance, operations, marketing, IT, and Sales. They offer FREE trial options for a year for five users with up to 5 million rows.

Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition

Oracle BI is an all-inclusive collection of enterprise BI functionality that fosters a data-driven culture with visually stunning and powerful analytics tools. Its latest version, OBI EE 12c, provides a vast array of features such as advanced analytics, data visualization, mobile platform, in-memory enhancements, and self-service abilities.

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