Top 3 Technologies Shaping the Future of Mobility

Jul 26, 2018

The automobile industry has undergone a drastic revolution and is now being recrafted, reborn, and redrawn. This is going to be the future of mobility for generations to come. The focus has been shifted to designing a sustainable future for mobility through various innovations such as globalism, propulsion systems, new techniques of manufacturing, and above all the impact on the environment. By the incorporation of such techniques, the future of mobility is going to lie somewhere that the generations to come will cherish. These innovations have the potential to find faster and smarter solutions that will help in designing a smart future for mobility. Such evolutions will impact almost all the sectors of transport like aeronautics, railways, land vehicles, and maritime transport.Ask An Analyst_IR

According to the automobile industry experts at Infiniti Research, “The future of mobility will be marked by innovations brought on by the increasing preference for digitization, increasing automation, and new business models.”

Moreover, the penetration of electric vehicles will help reinvent the current automotive components space. The automotive industry will also witness the advent of new trends in terms of electrification, shared mobility, connectivity, and autonomous driving, which will have a further impact on the automotive components space.

Here are three emerging technologies that have some serious potential to reshape the future of mobility.

Request ProposalTop three technologies shaping the future of mobility

Passenger rail reborn

Technologies like virtual ticketing systems, Li-fi, ticketless traveling, high and hyperspeed, big data, and many more are going to transform the passenger rail system rapidly and will have a huge impact on the future of mobility. Virtual ticketing will combine the use of a vending machine, ticket office, and call center for passengers at the stations. Passengers will have the experience of talking to a real person in real-time using the virtual agent.  Li-fi will replace traditional Wi-fi and provide a good user experience to the passengers. This will also help in cutting down costs and will be more efficient in providing better service to the passengers. Li-fi will not only shape the future of mobility in terms of passengers but also improve operations. Another technology, big data, will help in processing huge structured and unstructured data and will pave the way for the future of mobility.

Underground transportation

Today, there are many cities that have the capacity to incorporate the underground transportation system to deal with the increasing traffic and demand. This will help in designing a smarter future of mobility for the forthcoming generations. It is extremely challenging to navigate through the long built transport system, aesthetically as well as technically. This is the reason why many cities are planning to come up with underground road and rail tunnels that willGet More Info help in transforming the future of mobility.

Adopting Waze, Google, and Apple maps

Today mobile applications like Google maps, Waze, and Apple maps have made navigation too easy for the drivers. It has brought about a paradigm shift in navigation from the traditional method of questioning to locals about the route to a smart way of finding the route yourself through these apps. It helps in getting away with congested routes and makes mobility less challenging. With the continuous upgrade and addition of advanced technologies to such applications, the future of mobility looks to be moving towards efficiency and energy savings.

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