How Smart Packaging Is Revolutionizing the Field of Customer Experience

Oct 24, 2017

With the evolution of modern technology, the field of packaging which had previously witnessed little to no innovation in terms of incorporating technology is changing. Today, the manufacturers are exploring the field of smart packaging, which can do more than just protect the product. After the overwhelming success of barcodes and QR codes, manufacturers have started looking for next-gen technologies such as smart labels, AR technology, and OLED flexible displays. Apart from adding value to the manufacturers, smart packaging excels in providing immersive customer experience as well.IR_Brochure

Content Engagement

Have you ever found yourself reading the product labels and instructions when you are bored? Well, these days, consumers are making an effort to know more about their products. For instance, consumers thoroughly read the cooking instructions and recipes printed on the package. However, the packaging has only so much space to print such information. Smart packaging solutions such as QR code and NFC integration can increase customer engagement by directing consumer towards cooking recipes, instructions, and product information.

Stock Replenishment

In early days, one would move towards the refrigerator and realize that they are out of a particular food or an ingredient. Such late realization wouldn’t be helpful at all. Intelligent packaging solutions can alert consumers when they are about to run low on specific items; thus, avoiding last-minute regrets.

Check Product Expiry Status

Active packaging solutions can continuously monitor the food conditions by changing colors or using other indicators on the packaging. By altering consumers about product status and expiry date, smart packaging solutions can help reduce food wastage. Additionally, future technologies can use IoT devices to detect buying patterns and plan out optimal grocery purchase.

Product Authentication

The most significant risk when it comes to food is regarding its source. There have been reports of serious health issues due to substandard or duplicate food brands. Smart packaging ensures that a product is genuine and hasn’t been tampered with. This is especially critical in terms of certain consumer goods and pharmaceutical products.

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