Top 3 Digital Solutions for Preventive Health Care in 2019

Dec 19, 2018

Today, no one can dispute the fact that technology has enabled all of us to live healthier and longer lives. From surgical robots to smart hospitals, digitization has become inevitable and is revolutionizing patient care in innovative and exciting ways. Healthcare and technology are becoming inextricably linked with new discoveries and innovations becoming the new norm in the industry.  Many health-related services and devices have been developed in recent years with the intention of improving the quality of life of everyone. This has resulted in the implementation of innovative digital solutions for better preventive health care delivery by many international healthcare companies. In this article, we have talked about some of the most useful digital solutions for preventive health care in detail to help you serve your customers with better healthcare services.

Digital Solutions for Better Preventive Health Care

Solution #1: Smart surveillance of pathogen

Traditionally, health agencies depend on patient surveys, doctors, labs, and research studies to gather information on disease outbreaks and pathogens. In the case of a serious outbreak, early reporting and progression tracking is important to provide treatments effectively and quickly and contribute greatly towards preventive health care. Additionally, it prevents the spread of diseases. Digital solutions like smart surveillance of pathogens are molding the way we respond to communicable and infectious disease outbreaks. It helps in portable genome sequencing as well as remote monitoring and epidemiological surveillance.

Solution #2: Disease Outbreak Prediction

Today, computers are helping professionals in the preventive health care field. It has enabled them to calculate the speed of disease outbreaks and the number of affected people. Consequently, it helps in determining which patients should receive priority care. Epidemiological web platforms like BioCaster mines texts from blogs, social media platforms, and news sites to collect information on a particular area that may be a hot spot for an outbreak. There is also the option to receive warning alerts via email or texts to help users keep themselves safe, which is an immense help towards preventive health care.

Solution #3: Smart wearables and sensors

Today, sensor ICs have become the primary driving force in several preventive health care applications. These sensors enable users to measure vital parameters such as pulse and heart rate, glucose, body temperature, and blood oxygen levels. The biometric data that is obtained from these devices is combined with the ability to send information remotely to healthcare companies, which, in turn, can reduce the amount of time needed to diagnose specific conditions and helps providers in creating targeted care plans for every patient which is a great step towards preventive health care. Additionally, smart wearables like fitness trackers or smartwatches and smartphones are a great medium to measure an individual’s activity level and help in providing crucial information about their state of wellness.

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