Nurturing the Growth Momentum in the Agrochemical Industry

Feb 12, 2020

Although agrochemical companies witnessed declining revenues in the past, the industry has bounced back over the past couple of years by consolidating its market share through strategic M&A, increasing its R&D spend, and including digital as a major component to boost their products. The rising market demand for crop protection chemicals to prevent crop losses and increase the yield will greatly fuel the growth of the industry. However, some key challenges including escalating material costs, longer product development cycles, farm subsidy reduction, and rising regulatory requirements continue to persist. To overcome these challenges, top agrochemical companies have begun performing some strategic maneuvers. Experts at Infiniti Research highlights these strategies and other critical approaches for companies in the agrochemical industry.

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M&A for strategic advantage

M&A has helped some of the biggest names in the industry gain major portfolio optimization. Apart from this, a major benefit of M&A is that it allows companies in the agrochemical industry to increase the acquirer companies’ geographical presence. This is especially true for geographical regions where the company previously didn’t have a good distributor network.

Innovation and R&D in the Agrochemical Industry

Product registrations today go through an extensive registration and screening process. While M&A can be a great platform for companies to expanding their existing product lines and enhancing their global reach, creating and scaling external partnerships for innovation and R&D to develop and commercialize new products in the agrochemicals market.

Currently, although growth in the agrochemical industry may seem a little daunting for established players on the surface, many changes underway are likely to transform the sector completely. Get in touch with an industry expert for more insights on the agrochemical industry.

Digital technologies to bolster product offerings

Today, companies in the agrochemical industry have transformed from being mere providers of farm inputs to complex providers of integrated products by using ‘digital’ as a major component. Acquiring or getting into partnerships with companies in the agrochemical industry with superior technology backup can help increase access to advanced technologies and incorporate them into business. Digital technologies can help companies to launch digital platforms for data collection, visualization, modeling, and weed out major inefficiencies in operations.

Experts at Infiniti Research believe that creating differentiation through innovation, expanding geographical reach through M&A efforts, and capturing additional value by deepening farmer engagement will also likely be the key strategic themes going forward in the agrochemical industry. But the question remains around how companies in the agrochemical industry can tackle future disruptions and roadblocks that can potentially impact the current revenue streams and what changes in strategic positioning this might entail.

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