Keep Calm and Watch Out for These Evolving Mental Healthcare Trends

Nov 16, 2017

Talking about mental well-being is no more considered a taboo; there is a great deal of awareness programs being campaigned, and many people are coming out in the open about their behavioral issues and seeking medical help for mental health care. Recent advancements in the field of medical technology have helped therapists and psychiatrists explore new techniques and healthcare trends to enhance the treatment being offered to the patients. Here IR_Brochureare some of the key mental health care trends that promote the idea of a ‘Healthy Brain’:

Online Counseling

From learning to shopping to dating, everything is going online. This has sparked the idea of online counseling as one of the mental health care trends, where the patients can meet a counselor online and avail therapy digitally. This helps them to avoid long waiting queues at a clinic, and get medical help at the comfort and privacy of their homes. With treatments going online, patients can directly avail authentic treatment from therapists rather than googling the symptoms and diagnosing themselves with numerous disorders.


Did you know that your diet has a lot to do with not just your physical health but your mental health. For eg. there are many studies which show that the carbs and sugar that you consume in the middle of the night can cause anxiety and depression. Recent research has shown that people with poor dietary choices are more prone to mental disorders when compared to people following a healthy diet. Various therapists and mental health care organizations are extensively promoting the need for a healthy diet to ensure the mental well-being of people.

 Mind-body Therapy

Mind-body therapy has been designed to help patients develop a healthy attitude towards mental health. In this therapy, doctors use mind-body connection to heal patients by incorporating their entire lifestyle into a treatment plan to develop positive mental health care for patients. Various mental health care techniques are used here such as positive psychology, psychological accupressure, self affirmations,disscociation, etc.

Virtual Reality

Various industries are actively exploring the power of VR technology. The players in the mental health care industry  are not too far behind. Many researchers and therapists are exploring the application of VR technology in the treatment of patients suffering from phobias, schizophrenia, etc. VR technology can also be used to provide therapeutic treatment to patients to calm their senses and ensure better stability of their mental health.

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