Mastering Customer Intelligence in Three Steps

Oct 5, 2017

Customer intelligence helps organizations listen to their customers and address their needs. Customer loyalty and customer experience (CX) are directly proportional to each other; thereby, making it essential for businesses to leverage customer intelligence and other business intelligence services to gain valuable insights. In today’s competitive market scenario, it is extremely essential for companies toIR_Brochure focus on the aforementioned attributes: loyalty and experience. However, before leveraging customer intelligence and other myriad market intelligence services available in the market, an organization must answer the following questions:

  • Are we listening to our customers and other stakeholders? Have we taken their opinion into consideration regarding our product and service offerings?
  • What are the appropriate channels that can be leveraged to gain valuable feedback?
  • How do we use these feedbacks to improve decision making, enhance customer experience, and ensure effective customer relationship management?

Real-time CX Monitoring – A Science and Art

Customer intelligence tools allow organizations to monitor customer experience in real-time, making it a science and an art. Businesses must master the art of identifying appropriate channels to capture valuable customer feedback, comments, and insights. Besides this, the management must set up a scientific method to ensure consistency of surveys, measurement, analysis, and report generation. Customer intelligence and other market intelligence solutions allow organizations to capture real-time transactional data from myriad touchpoints; thereby, building customer loyalty and driving customer experience.

Identify the Gaps to Improve Customer Experience

To improve customer experience and journey, organizations must identify the loopholes in the processes and take necessary actions. The key to building customer loyalty is to be proactive and responsive while resolving issues, mitigating risks, and addressing customer service issues. Customer intelligence and other business intelligence services allow the organization to bridge the gap and improve customer journey and business processes.

Customer Intelligence Insights – Change Business Approach

Earlier, organizations followed a transactional approach with their customers and focused on the organizational profitability. Today, businesses have shifted to a customer-centric approach and have made customers an integral part of the entire business process. Organizations can leverage the valuable insights gained from market intelligence tools to develop a proactive customer service framework and facilitate strategic decision making to drive revenue and sales.

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