E-commerce Marketing Automation- 3 Best Practices You Must Know

Oct 30, 2018

It is not the best business that always wins but the business with the best marketing strategy. Marketing is the life and blood of any business. It helps you to know your target audience in a much better way and forms a good relationship with them. But as the business expands, building and maintaining a good relationship with the customer becomes too challenging. This is where digital marketing automation proves to be helpful. Marketing automation solutions assure us of one thing: it’s a powerful, remarkable and personalized way to engage with your audience. And if it’s done right, it can give you an edge over the competition in the war for customer attention. To get your strategy spot-on, there are a couple of best practices for marketing automation solutions in e-commerce that you must follow. In this article, we have talked in detail about some of those practices, but before diving into the best practices, let’s know a bit about marketing automation, and why is it important for businesses today.Contact US

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the use of any platform, solution, or SaaS tool to automate and streamline measure tasks and workflows so that they can boost the efficiency of operations and grow revenue faster. Apart from improving performances and operational efficiency, it prevents you from doing simple repetitive marketing tasks so that you can perform more complex work and invest more time and resources to create better and more valuable relationships with your customers as they mature through each cycle of your sales.

Digital marketing automation best practices

Using digital marketing automation in emails

Automated emails with personalized messages are the best way to build a good rapport with your customers. This fixes the bar of customer’s expectation for the rest of interactions. A negative tone or a tone of disappointment is the wrong way to start any type of relationship. If the initial interaction is not positive or helpful straight off the bat, there are high chances that the customer is going to seek an alternative or leave a negative review.

Design a great welcome campaign

To make your customer notice your X-factors and how you are different from your competitors, it is very important that digital marketing automation is utilized completely. It can help you test your customers’ choice and preferences on different subject lines. Experimenting with a cRequest Proposalall to action is a very good method to fine tune the content according to customers’ interest and preference.

Transform your loyal customers to advocates of your brand

Loyal customers have a great potential to become advocates of your brand, which can be a great asset for your business. They can naturally recommend your brand to a friend and purchase in a regular fashion. The use of marketing automation solutions can help you reward a customer for giving a review, making maximum purchases in a month, referring a friend, or replying more than twice a week to a post or a survey of your brand on social media. Marketing automation solutions help you to have a re-engagement strategy that brings back a customer that has not purchased in a while or not visited your website.

To know more about marketing automation solutions 

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