Market Intelligence – Your Route to Smart Business Decisions

Apr 5, 2017

Market intelligence is any data collected about a specific market that is used to make smart business decisions. Essentially, it is the first set of data a company uses to analyze the desired market. The path followed to acquire data for market intelligence programs varies from one field to another. At Infiniti Research, our market intelligence solutions offer a comprehensive view of market landscapes. Our team of experts will help businesses grow and stand out in the cutthroat competition. There are four main factors of market intelligence. The first one being market opportunity assessment, the others are market entry advisory, market scanning and monitoring, and market intelligence and benchmarking. Below is a breakdown of all the four key factors one by one and why it’s crucial for your business.

Market Opportunity Assessment

“Data! Data! Data! I can’t make bricks without clay.” – Sherlock Holmes.

Market intelligence is an art. There’s a lot of detectives and digging work that goes behind the show. Though there is plenty of information available on the internet, the most valuable one still needs the guidance of a market intelligence consultant. Our consultants help businesses review potential barriers and select appropriate market entry channels to determine the time frame for leveraging potential opportunities. Whether it is to establish your business’s foothold in the market or broaden the market of your existing business, market opportunity assessment is the right tool. This is sure to assist companies with every decision faced.

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Market Entry Advisory

Wondering how to minimize the risk of an investment decision going wrong? Our market entry advisory is here for that. From micro to macro-economic environments, our advisory solutions help clients identify potential barriers in the relevant field. Other compelling reasons to choose market entry advisory are to compare competitor offerings and build robust route-to-market strategies. Not just that, based on our insights, clients can gain an understanding of the offerings and strengths of key competitors.

Market Scanning and Monitoring

Market scanning and monitoring is the process of examining both internal and external factors that influence any business decision. With the help of our market scanning and monitoring, clients can keep tabs on target market segments, track emerging market trends, forecast demand-supply shifts, regional market developments, and understand the potential impact of changing factors on various business segments.

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Competitive Intelligence & Benchmarking

Competitive intelligence and benchmarking play a crucial role in identifying top market players and predatory pricing for various industries. From understanding the current market structure to analyzing the marketability of the product, clients can gain insights from our competitive intelligence study. It will also help understand and track competitors’ market presence, business models, financial performance, and strategic moves. The client will be able to gain insights into the internal and external intelligence of the competitor.

Finally, the sole purpose of market intelligence study narrows down to serving the end customer right. Analyzing the desired market to gain insights about the competitors and products to make the right business decisions. To make strategic moves, get in touch with us today.

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