The Influential Role of KOLs in Pharma and The Value of Pharma Market Research

Sep 2, 2020

The pharmaceutical industry has always held credibility, proof, and awareness in extremely high regard. Collaborating with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) is an avenue to promote credibility and raise awareness about the various offerings and portfolios of pharmaceutical companies. As the industry continues to grow, so does the importance of KOLs in pharma.

The pharmaceutical industry has evolved substantially, with more stringent regulations, complexities and innovations, and increasing demand for personalized items. KOL management was developed on the accurate premise that consumers often turn to industry leaders for guidance and credibility, particularly in an industry as crucial and influential as the pharmaceutical industry.

KOLs in pharma are, most commonly, widely respected and acclaimed physicians with an in-depth knowledge of a specific field in the pharmaceutical industry, such as oncology or epidemiology.  This knowledge includes ongoing developments in terms of regulations, industry news, changing trends, customers’ needs, and more.

Most importantly, KOLs in pharma influence the opinions and medical practice of their peers, making them an irreplaceable marketing tool. In recent times, other pharmaceutical industry professionals such as politicians, health authority representatives, patient advocacy groups, and others with advanced knowledge in specific therapeutic areas are also considered KOLs.

KOLs in pharma can influence the market and create awareness among other healthcare practitioners. To appropriately approach and leverage these crucial benefits in the pharmaceutical industry, request a free proposal.

What is KOL in Pharma?

Developing and launching a new pharmaceutical drug in the highly competitive pharmaceutical industry often leads to failure for companies. However, with the assistance of KOLs in pharma and product research, companies are enabled to overcome the regulatory, quality control, safety, and preference issues through the process.

Pharmaceutical companies most often engage KOLs during the early stages of the drug development process, which provides advocacy and key feedback. KOLs in pharma assist pharmaceutical companies by consulting for them, conducting clinical trials, offering lectures, and occasionally by presenting on their behalf at regulatory meetings or hearings. Efficient KOL management is crucial for pharmaceutical companies, and as the industry struggles to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, the process has become more challenging. However, the advantages of KOL engagement in pharma are unparalleled.

To elaborate on the effectiveness and crucial role of KOLs in pharma, Infiniti’s market research experts identified the following three key advantages of KOL engagement for pharmaceutical industry players:

KOLs in Pharma + Pharma Market Research

Marketing Advantage

KOLs are key to the marketing and communications strategies of pharmaceutical companies. It provides companies with credibility and appropriate advocacy for their offerings. Additionally, KOLs can raise awareness and influence the preferences of professionals and organizations in the pharmaceutical industry, such as healthcare professionals, health authorities, patient advocacy groups, and individual patients.

Not only does this raise awareness, generate sales, and boost the company, it also helps establish a successful brand in a highly competitive market. Further, KOLs can advise companies on both the marketing aspect and the technical aspect of drugs in the development process. This enables companies to develop ideal products and market them efficiently.

Advice and Guidance

The drug discovery and development process is challenging. Additionally, developing novel concepts that meet patients’ needs, preferences, and expectations, in an industry as competitive as the pharmaceutical industry is nearly impossible. However, with proper KOL management and engagement, pharmaceutical companies can surpass these roadblocks.

One of the most important benefits of KOL engagement is receiving advice and guidance through the drug development process, and therefore, developing an unparalleled product. Further, KOLs are often highly experienced in conducting clinical trials and assist companies in efficiently performing the same to a satisfactory level. KOLs in pharma are also aware of changing regulations and assist companies in approaching them appropriately.

Understanding Unmet Needs

KOLs in pharma are physicians that interact with patients, and other professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, continually. Therefore, they are aware of the unmet needs and gaps in the market. Communicating with patients, and witnessing varying cases daily, enables them to provide critical insights into the needs and preferences of patients in a particular segment of the pharmaceutical industry.

Additionally, due to their hands-on interactions and demonstrated expertise in their specific field, companies can also trust KOLs to have a more in-depth understanding of the gaps in the market and the ideal opportunities for growth in the market. Since the pharmaceutical industry is ever-evolving, pharmaceutical companies often find themselves turning towards KOLs for advice on the latest market trends and insights on the latest developments in the market.

Understanding and capitalizing on these benefits can make or break a pharmaceutical company in these challenging times. To learn how appropriate KOL engagement and management can change the future of a company, speak to our industry experts.

KOLs in Pharma and Pharma Market Research

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the dynamics of the pharmaceutical industry have changed, and with it, the dynamics of KOLs in pharma. With an increasing need for drug development and the entire world in a race to the top, KOLs play an extremely crucial role. As countries work towards developing, testing, and launching the vaccine for COVID-19, KOLs in pharma are required to provide optimal guidance and ensure all the necessary parameters and needs are met. KOL management can determine the success or failure of a certain drug, or even a company.

However, identifying, engaging, and managing KOLs has always been an arduous process for pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, companies often approach firms like Infiniti Research to assist in the process. Infiniti’s pharma market research provides companies with the guidance required to develop appropriate strategies and overcome the various obstacles in the industry.

Infiniti’s pharma market research provides pharmaceutical companies with an unprecedented advantage and includes the following highly beneficial services:

  • KOL Research: Infiniti assists pharmaceutical companies in identifying, engaging, and appropriately managing the ideal KOLs for their company and specific field of research or development. This, in turn, provides companies with the guidance and advice they need to set themselves apart in the highly competitive pharmaceutical industry.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research: Infiniti’s market research experts often utilize the mixed-method approach, which is a combination of both qualitative and quantitative research to help companies gain a comprehensive understanding of their market. Including interviews with stakeholders, KOLs, and industry experts, as well as an analysis of information from published sources in the industry, the mixed-method approach enables companies to gather insights into the market landscape and competitive landscape
  • Product Research: Infiniti’s product research services help companies in analyzing the drug development cycle, develop strategies for product launch, and gain insights on product-specific revenues to boost value propositions. Additionally, it allows companies to successfully launch new drugs, prevent quality control issues, and ensure adherence to safety standards and regulatory compliance.

Infiniti’s pharma market research services can help pharmaceutical companies identify, engage, and manage their ideal KOLs, gather comprehensive insights into the market and competitive landscape, and ensure adherence to safety and regulatory standards. During the drug discovery and development process, these three capabilities can serve as the biggest differentiators for pharmaceutical industry players.

To gain more in-depth insights into the importance of pharma market research and KOL engagement in the pharmaceutical industry, request more information.

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