Insights into The Impact of Technology in Healthcare

Sep 25, 2018

Modern technology has been infiltrating into our lives, gradually transforming into an indispensable element of human existence over the past couple of years. Technological innovations have revamped almost all major industries, healthcare being among the most notable ones. The impact of technology in healthcare is quite evident from the fact that the global mortality rates have dipped by 3.7% per year for children and 1.3 % per year for adults over the past decade. Agile healthcare companies are increasingly shifting to modern technology as they are becoming more convinced about the benefits of technology in healthcare. Furthermore, with new technology in healthcare such as telemedicine and wearables, patients can gain easier access to their health stats such as stress level, heart rate, and blood pressure without having to actually visit hospitals. Experts in the healthcare industry predict that through the next decade, a greater number of healthcare companies are going to invest in virtual care, wearable health gadgets, remote health monitoring tools, and consumer-facing mobile apps. Ask An Analyst_IR

Impact of technology in healthcare

Easier access to healthcare professionals

One of the key benefits of using technology in healthcare is that doctors can now easily reach out to patients virtually. Doctors can also analyze detailed patient history, research conditions, and even consult experts from around the world even in the absence of any sophisticated medical facilities. This technique is also known as telemedicine and will undoubtedly turn out to become one of the most effective tools used by doctors for treatment.

Introduction of self-service kiosks

One of the notable impact of technology on healthcare is that it plays a vital role in simplifying processes in the healthcare industry. The introduction of self-service kiosks has helped expedite and simplify processes such as hospital registration that would otherwise prove to be a time-consuming process. This would also help healthcare companies in reducing their staffing costs and employ this workforce into other key management processes.Request Proposal

Predicting medical trends

Analyzing health information that users search on search engines such as Google have made it possible to accurately predict medical trends such as flu outbreaks. Although not everyone who runs search queries for the particular flu or a disease might not be a victim; however, a pattern emerges when all the flu-related search queries are added together. This breakthrough would facilitate medical experts to respond to outbreaks promptly and also take preventative measures in advance.

Improved patient care

Introduction of technology in healthcare has made patient care safer and more reliable than ever before. Patient data and medical history are stored in electronic databases that record accurate data and can be accessed easily in future. This data can also be used in the future for medical research. With greater access to patient medical conditions, researchers can gain in-depth insights into the primary cause of diseases and formulate appropriate treatments that can prevent further outbreaks or even eradicate the condition completely.

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