3 Simple Steps to Build an Ideal Customer Profile Template

September 27, 2018

Do you ever wonder why you are chasing unproductive leads? If yes, then the answer lies not in any training or mystic arts, but in some guidelines that you need to focus to target the right audience. Accuracy in targeting can be achieved by developing an ideal customer profile. A customer profile template is an archetypal representation of a customer. Today, customer profile analysis has become a very crucial tool for b2b marketing professionals to drive engagements with customers. Analysis through a customer profile template can help establish a human connection with customers as it portrays who they are and what factors influence their buying decisions. Developing a customer profile template helps organizations to concentrate on creating and communicating value by drawing a clear picture of how customers seek solutions. It helps in bringing the voice of the customer to the front and center. This template can also be employed for marketing, sales enablement, and product planning activities. By keeping such advantages in mind, we at Infiniti, have derived a few simple steps to design an ideal customer profile template.

Steps to Build a Customer Profile Template

Understand the client

The first thing to do while building a customer profile template is to get a clear picture of the customer or the client and also tell them about what your company offers. A workshop can help in gaining better insights about the customers as well as telling them about the key information of your organization that makes it unique or better than its competitors. This can further help in guiding the content positioning strategy for overall sales activities and entry into new markets.

Understand the market

Next comes the understanding of the market. This can be gained by understanding the behavior and interests of buyers and the factors that influence their buying decisions. Also, a better understanding of the market can help in segregating customers according to their needs and demands. This can help in doing an accurate customer profile analysis. It can also help in understanding the current target market as well as potential markets for expansion. It can help in answering questions like

  • Which industry verticals are ideal and not ideal?
  • Which demographic or geographic locations are ideal for your product or services?
  • Can you consider any other attribute that makes your customer ideal?

Prioritize the target market

A customer profile template is nothing but fictional characters with names of assumed customers. It represents the specific people who are the decision makers for the buying process. It helps to get into the head of the clients, understand their motivation, their pain points, and how they come to the conclusion of purchasing any product or service. Therefore, an analysis of all these can help in building an ideal customer profile template by prioritizing the target market.

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