How to Create High-impact Market Research Outputs – Converting Data to Stories

September 14, 2017

Market research analysts go through an onerous task of collecting a plethora of data and information on the research topic. However, consolidated data and statistics is not something a client is looking for from a market research company. The market research report needs to convey a story to the client and provide actionable insights, which can help them solve problems. A highly dense text-based report fails to grab readers’ attention and interest and defeats the sole purpose of the research. Here are some tips to follow if you want to create an impactful market research output:

Maintain Brand Consistency

Most brand managers are very particular when it comes to brand consistency and are immersed in brand elements such as brand colors, fonts, and templates. Aligning the research report with brand elements creates a visual consistency; thereby, making it easier to convey and identify key messages.

Use Images

Honestly, people are quite bored with texts. They lose interest when they have to skim through a mountain of content. The use of images can help clearly communicate the subject matter and maintain a lasting impression on the readers. However, it is advisable to avoid using clip arts and free icons as they simply don’t fit the bill.

Keep it Simple and Fun

Readers always look for clear and concise presentation. Too much text or image can impede a reader’s comprehension of the subject matter. The best way to refrain from overcomplicating things is by using simple animations, data visualization, and bullet pointers. When in doubt, always follow the rule stating less is more.

Tell a Story with Data

One way a market research agency can make a positive impression is by simplifying the complexity. The presentation should be able to create a mental image in the clients’ mind, as a story exponentially increases their ability to comprehend. Also, connecting with the audience emotionally works more effectively than just dumping a pile of data on them.

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