Healthcare’s Digital Future – The Third Wave of Digitization

Jul 21, 2017

Healthcare organizations are planning future strategies towards adopting full digitization of their enterprise. Digitization across the healthcare industry has helped health service providers to create a robust and critical infrastructure by focusing on the patient’s needs. Healthcare’s digital future looks promising as the patients are more comfortable in using digital services for complex and sensitive issues such as health care and medicine. It is a clear indication for providers and payers to embrace healthcare’s digital future by adopting the third wave of digitization.

Non-healthcare organizations have successfully adopted digitization in its entirety by offering digital products and processes through contemporary channels and increasing its efficiency and effectiveness by leveraging advanced analytics. Digitization in the healthcare industry has transformed the way the providers and patients function and interact; thereby, making medical care services accessible to everyone by ensuring wide availability.

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Digitization in Healthcare – How and What?

Digitization enabled by Health Information Technology (HIT) has revolutionized the individual’s perception of health care, changed the way end-users approach and interact with the subject of health and medical services. The adoption of IT and technology in the healthcare industry has transformed the relationship between a patient and a provider, empowering people to participate in personal and family health management actively. From the perspective of the healthcare service providers, to create value, it is crucial to understand the patient needs and the myths surrounding them, and comprehending the market landscape. Healthcare organizations can leverage market intelligence solutions such as customer analytics and big data analytics to identify patient needs.  Furthermore, healthcare organizations must identify their customer segments and position the services strategically to meet the estimated patient needs and demands. The key to successfully adopting digitization in healthcare is to gain actionable insights and thereby, adding new services to retain patient attention and drive value.

Adopting Digitization in Healthcare – Going Slow

Healthcare organizations are slowly adopting digitization as the healthcare executives often cite the sensitive nature of medical care as an excuse for the relatively low consumption of digital healthcare services. While in reality, the patients are willing to avail digital service if it matches their needs and ensures high quality. The other reason cited for the slow rate of adoption is the fact that most health system providers often feel the need to be innovative regarding design and features. However, patients don’t expect innovative features. Instead, they seek efficient processes, improved accessibility, and human interaction. Additionally, when adopting digitization in their systems, healthcare organizations can start small, be responsive, offer assistance with routine medical tasks, and provide easy navigation instead of building a comprehensive and complicated platform.

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