Is “Go-Green” the New Anthem in the Food Packaging Industry?

October 25, 2017

People around the globe are increasingly getting concerned about the depletion of the environmental resources. Amidst this rising concern, it becomes important for a business to do its part in promoting eco-friendly business practices. Green packaging not only displays a brand’s compassion and awareness toward environmental issues but has also lowered costs through reduced shipping and material costs and wastage.

Why is green packaging good for your business?

Eliminate Excessive Wastage

Sustainable packaging eliminates the excessive use of packaging materials and is useful for helping companies to streamline their packaging design. Eliminating excessive materials in packaging also allows companies to make lighter shipments, which, in turn, helps in transporting large quantities in a single consignment and also provides more space in the retail shelves. While adopting green packaging solutions, companies must ensure that the packaging is appealing, cost-effective, and protects the product.

Abundant Availability Of Recycled Materials

A company can improve their sustainability index score by procuring materials from sustainable sources. Post-consumer recycled products are one of the best options available to companies, especially for shipping the products.

Establish Corporate Citizenship

The support from various stakeholders of a business can be garnered through displaying a socially responsible attitude. Shifting to green packaging creates a positive image for a brand in the minds of all the stakeholders involved; thus, building a better brand loyalty and goodwill for the company.

Control of the Purse Strings

Green packaging has proven to be a cost-effective alternative for companies, mainly because of the easily available materials used in packaging and their lower price.  The procurement, shipping, and storage costs are also less in the case of sustainable packaging. Therefore, by adopting green packaging solutions, companies are not only reducing their environmental footprint but are also increasing their profits and goodwill.

Change Before it Becomes an Enforcement

Environmental protection has become a global issue today, and many national governments are keeping a serious watch on industries and companies that are major contributors to environmental footprint. As such, there are high chances of governements imposing mandatory eco-friendly laws for companies. This would give them less time to make a process shift and adapt. Therefore, it’s better to take precautionary measures and change processes beforehand.

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