Into the Future of Telecommunications: What to Expect

January 22, 2019

The telecommunication industry encompasses “traditional” enterprises that struggle while trying to cope with the churn, caused by below-the-belt competitors’ offerings and OTT services.

A few years ago, companies in the telecommunication industry have witnessed a considerable amount of technology decisions and software implementation architectures that were not considered logical from outsider experts’ point of view. However, telecommunications companies are long past that stage. In the next decade, telecommunication services providers will transform their enterprise systems and digital B2C channels into modern and agile platforms. These will provide employees in the telecommunication industry with analytics-driven operational decision-support capabilities and would deliver seamless back-end integration capabilities through microservices.

Consumer-driven data consumption, fueled by the mobile and broadband services in IoT devices, which have soared and put unprecedented pressures on networks. Thanks to the introduction of GDPR, It has also been the year of stronger encryption practices as users, organizations and lawmakers alike became increasingly concerned about privacy and the safety of their data and infrastructure. The landscape has changed shape as companies in the telecommunication industry pushed into the OTT space and increased their user access capabilities as well as high-profile merger activity in the sector making headline news.

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Telecommunication industry trends 2019

We at Infiniti Research have uncovered some of the top telecommunication industry trends that have been sourced directly from our global experts in the telecommunication industry. These trends are all set to take off in 2019 and overcome some of the biggest telecommunication industry challenges:

Predictive maintenance

AI-driven predictive analytics are helping companies in the telecommunication industry provide better services by utilizing data, sophisticated algorithms, and machine learning techniques to predict future results based on historical data. This means telecommunications companies can use data-driven insights to monitor the state of equipment, predict failure based on patterns, and proactively fix problems with communications hardware in customers’ homes. In the long term, these technologies will underpin more strategic goals, such as creating new customer experiences and dealing efficiently with business demands.

According to Infiniti Research’s recent study, several executives in the telecommunication industry, media industry, and tech industry claim that they have garnered substantial benefits from cognitive technologies –

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