A Future Ruled by Voice? Top Trends for Digital Assistants

May 11, 2018

OK Google, please list the top trends in the digital assistant market. Well, maybe this blog will have to be written by a human for today. But it might not be long before digital assistants like Google, Alexa, and Siri would be able to answer complex questions as well. Digital assistant may yet look futuristic, but its already a reality today. The ability to answer questions ranging from weather, sports, facts, and news to personal queries is just astounding. Digital assistants have come a long way from just doing basic tasks such as calling or texting someone to performing a complex task such as booking an appointment. With technology set to advance seamlessly, digital assistants will Request Free Proposalonly get better and smarter. So what are the current market trends in regards to digital assistants you should be aware of?

Smart home

The boundaries of a digital assistant are about to break the shackle of your smartphone and make its way into your home. It can enrich your life by making smart home a reality. Forget about getting up to adjust the thermostat, or checking groceries left in the fridge, or having to change the song in the playlist. Digital assistants have got you covered – all you need to do is use voice command to perform such simple tasks. The ability to seamlessly perform such tasks greatly improves the customer experience.

Workplace assistant

After home, work is where people spend their significant amount of time. A digital assistant can make their way into the workplace as well, with Amazon’s plan to put Echo with Alexa on every office desk. The assistant would be capable of doing routine things such as video conferencing, setting up meetings, and remind employees of critical events. In the future, it may also partner with enterprise services such as Salesforce, SAP, and Microsoft Exchange. Microsoft is fiddling around with their own assistant Cortana in a bid to capture this market.

Marketing and advertising

People getting dependent on digital assistant means they spend less and less time in front of a screen. This is a big problem for brands who are constantly trying to get users attention through their flashy advertising. Brands will have to work extra hard to get their name in the coming years. It is entirely possible that companies will dedicate resources and create jobs that are specifically focused on voice assistant platforms. The voice advertising would be nobler than radio ad or a jingle. For instance, a user enquires, ‘hey Siri, order a packet of milk please’, it all boils down to how brands advertise and who gets featured.

Smart displays

At a time when everything is getting smarter, displays aren’t being left out. This year, Amazon announced that it would extend its voice-only Echo speakers by launching Echo Show Smart display and Echo Spot alarm clock. Google, on the other hand, is also coming up with a smart display which integrates Google Photos and YouTube. Although smart displays are pricier compared to the voice only speakers, the early adopters are getting their hands on smart displays. Developers will need to add more functionality or bring the prices down to lure the masses to make a purchase.

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