Innovative Food Packaging Trends to Watch Out for This Holiday Season

Oct 23, 2017

Recent technological advancements have given birth to a lazy generation of millennials who want everything delivered to their doorstep. The food services industry is no stranger to this trend, and with the rise in popularity of food delivery services and increasing demand for fresher, healthier, and well-packaged food products, the food packaging companies have been forced to innovate to meet such demands. Let us look at a few innovative food packaging trends that are going to influence the way food packaging companies are going to meet their customers’ expectations:IR_Brochure

The Go-green Revolution

Environmental protection has become a major concern today; due to which, there is growing pressure on food packaging companies to make environmental sustainability an integral part of their packaging decisions and incorporate the same as a part of their corporate culture. However, the major challenge here for food packing companies is the price involved. This has prompted them to research and explore lightweight and mineral filled products that are both pocket-friendly and environment-friendly.

Polypropylene’s Journey to The Limelight

In recent times, polypropylene has dethroned plastic packaging alternatives due to the wide range of benefits it has to offer, such as high resistance to heat, cost effective, sustainability attributes, lightweight, etc. Such advantages have made polypropylene an attractive alternative for food packaging companies.

Transparent Packaging –  The New Representation of Trust

Clear packaging is being associated with a good visual appeal in the recent times. Many food packaging companies are adapting to this trend owing to the popularity it has gained among customers. The general customer perception is that clarity in food packaging represents ingredient wholesomeness, which, in turn, gives them the satisfaction of buying good quality products.

Eat on-the-go

On the go or ready-to-eat packaging is becoming highly popular especially among the millennials. These customers prefer to grab food on the go and seek resealable and re-heatable packaging, which would allow them to use the required amount and save the rest for later without losing the freshness of the food.Food packaging companies are looking at packaging options that can effectively meet the demands of this segment.

Stand Out From the Crowd

The growing competition has given rise to the need for creating a unique brand identity. Food packaging companies are assisting brands to achieve this through customization that differentiates them from their competitors on the shelf. Customer brand loyalty and unique brand identity are the end-results of customization.

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