Evolving Customer Needs in The Mechanical Testing Equipment Market

Jun 8, 2020

The rising demand for mechanical testing equipment is largely fueled by the rampant rate of industrialization. As production processes are becoming increasingly active and rapid, mechanical testing equipment in manufacturing processes has become pivotal in controlling the quality of products. Apart from quality control, there are several other applications of mechanical testing in manufacturing including characterizing material properties to validating final products. With the changing market trends and the proliferation of newer technologies in electronics, the end-user demand in the mechanical testing equipment market is also rapidly evolving. This is consequently changing the product landscape in the mechanical testing equipment market. Based on the market analysis by our industry experts, we have identified some key trends in consumer needs in the testing equipment market.

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Changing Consumer Needs in the Mechanical Testing Equipment Market

Advances in miniaturization of electronic products

With the advancements in technology, there is an unprecedented demand for electronic products that are portable or more compact. This trend has been a fountainhead for most of the ‘smart’ devices that we see today, such as fit bands, smart bulbs, and smartwatches. As a result, over the years there has been burgeoning demand for smaller components and microscale testing of different components such as PCBs and ICs. Micro materials testing mechanical equipment is used for micro-scale tests to measure fatigue, hardness, and toughness of the materials used to manufacture electronic products or devices.

Increase in focus on improving product quality and performance

Materials such as plastics, composites, and ceramics have diverse properties that impact their performance. Studying various properties such as hardness, fatigue, and toughness helps determine their right use and rectify failures. Manufacturers across different domains such as electronics, polymers, and aerospace are increasingly focusing on improving the quality and performance of products by conducting different tests at a micro-scale, which is driving the use of micro material testing equipment.

Rise in complexities of designs

MEMS-based sensors have a wide variety of applications across different industries such as automotive, aerospace, and electronics especially due to some of their key properties such as low cost, limited consumption of space, and high accuracy. Advances in MEMS technology have led to complexities in the design process, which complicates the quantification and modification of mechanical properties, which is expected to drive the demand in the micro material testing equipment market for conducting different tests.

Increasing focus by end-users to comply with industry standards

Another predominant trend in the testing equipment market is that end-users are focusing on adhering to industry standards and accreditations to offer better quality products. Consequently, mechanical testing equipment manufacturers and providers are encouraged to offer solutions that help end-users comply with industry standards, including IPC, AEC, JEDEC, SEMI, ASTM, NFT, and ISO. The increasing focus on complying with these new industry standards is driving the sales of micro material testing equipment globally.

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