Why Emotional Intelligence Matters in Building a Strong Workforce

Apr 4, 2018

“No doubt emotional intelligence is rarer than book smarts, but my experience says it is actually more important in the making of a leader. You just can’t ignore it.” – Jack Welch

Employers often set different parameters when they consider candidates for different job roles. Some of these parameters include the educational qualification, work experience, and skill sets.  But many employers tend to overlook the power of emotional intelligence as a critical factor in employee selection. You might be surprised to know that emotional intelligence can have a powerful impact on your company’s performance and the overall business strategy.Request Free Proposal

What is emotional intelligence?

 One of the simplest definitions of emotional intelligence is a person’s ability to identify and manage their emotions along with the emotions of others as well. Ideally, it refers to someone who can recognize and keep tabs on his or her emotions, and simultaneously empathize with others and understand how their emotions will impact their work. Several research experts have proved that employees with high emotional intelligence or EQ are better able to work well in teams, adjust to change, and be flexible. Emotional intelligence affects how the company’s workforce manage behavior, navigate social complexities, and make personal decisions to achieve positive results.

Why choose employees with good emotional intelligence?

As the modern workplace continues to evolve, it becomes essential for businesses to be equipped with a strong workforce that will align themselves with the company’s business strategy. This can be achieved to a large extent by employees who display reasonable emotional intelligence at the workplace. Here are some compelling reasons for companies to hire employees with a higher EQ:

Better communication

In a corporate working environment, not only verbal communication but the non-verbal communication such as the tone of voice and body language plays an important part. A person’s body language and tone are dictated by emotions and have a significant bearing on how they talk to and understand their co-workers. An emotionally intelligent employee will find it easier in understanding the meaning and motivations of coworkers, and at the same time will do a better job of expressing his or her personal thoughts.

Controlled temperament

The stressful work pressure is no excuse for an employee to lose his/her cool at the workplace. This could eventually result in damaged relationships, poorly informed decisions, and broken lines of communication. Employees with good emotional intelligence have better control on their emotions at work. They tend to think with more clarity and focus, enabling them to find better, optimal solutions for the problem at hand.

Good employee rapport

Emotionally intelligent employees often find it easier to network and communicate better with co-workers. But how does it form an essential part of a company’s business strategy? A workforce with good EQ will help unite the team, by providing leadership, extra help when it’s needed and a sense of camaraderie.

Retaining clientele

 The clients need might not often be clear, but if these needs are not met, there are high chances for them to move on to other providers. Losing a client to prove to be a big blow to any business. The importance of having an emotionally intelligent employee is that though they might not be able to read the clients’ minds, they will be able to read “between the lines,” to gauge a client’s emotions and better manage difficult or especially strenuous situations.

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