The Big Wave of Digital Transformation in the Chemical Industry

Oct 11, 2017

The big wave of digital transformation has influenced a majority of the industry to increase efficiency, productivity, and innovation by leaps and bounds. The chemical industry is not far behind in terms of embracing digital technology. Evolving regulatory environment, changing customer needs, increased competition, and dynamic cost equations have been the catalyst for digital transformation in the chemical industry.

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Digital Technology a Game Changer in the Chemical Industry

  • Internet of things (IoT) enables the chemical industry to create new values and simultaneously enhance value from connected devices all around them
  • Artificial intelligence along with machine learning allows chemical manufacturers to employ autonomous equipment with the help of data, paving the way for smarter processes and faster transactions. As a result, the management can focus their time on strategic tasks
  • The use of augmented reality can have a profound impact on chemical companies. Chemical companies are increasingly using this technology to drive innovation by applying in it fields such as computational chemistry studies, X-Ray diffraction data, 3D structure optimization, conformational analysis, and transition state search

Why is it Important for Chemical Companies?

Embracing digital technology improves the profitability of chemical companies by improving agility, productivity, and innovation. For instance, by using complex analytics tools for collaborative research and development, companies can rapidly accelerate innovation to gain a competitive advantage. Companies are turning towards predictive models to perform what-if simulations based on data to achieve strategic agility and operational excellence. Also, big data analytics plays a huge role in managing the ongoing volatility in energy and raw materials prices and catering to changing customer demand. Digital transformation enables the companies to simulate the effect of price change on consumer demand and final margin, which allows them to develop real-time pricing quotes for their prospects. Additionally, they can share the data with suppliers to collaborate and combat price and supply volatility.

Players in the chemical industry should rightly plan for the digital transformation, build a standard model, run it with global support across all platforms, and constantly optimize it. As a result, companies in the chemical industries can reap the benefits of digital transformation.

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