4 Most Effective Digital Advertising Trends That Every Digital Marketer Should Know

Aug 29, 2018

Digital advertising is one of the most profitable marketing channels available today. Digital advertisers are very quick to analyze the ongoing or upcoming trends so that they can modify their strategies accordingly. The recent years have brought about a paradigm shift in the processes and trends of digital marketing too. If you want to become a digital influencer with effective marketing knowledge, then these are a few digital advertising trends that you mAsk An Analyst_IRust know:

Digital Advertising Trends

The rise of influencer marketing

In the world of digital advertising, influencer marketing is one of the most popular strategies. It is a tried and tested solution for the digital marketers to achieve high quality leads. It helps in building an engaging brand from a consumer or user’s point of view. But due to some misuse of this kind of marketing, it was abused in the last couple of years. Still if done properly, influencer marketing can be very effective to engage people and to build trust for the brand among the target audience.

Evolving multimedia ads

Multimedia means using various types of media to create awareness about your brand and advertise your products. It comprises both traditional as technology-based media. Multimedia includes television, newspaper ads, radio, direct marketing letters, e-mail, mobile, websites and social media. It is very easy to design a campaign for any product or service through multimedia by analyzing the market segment. Multimedia helps in reaching various segments thRequest Proposalrough various media.

Video advertising – hit on the bull’s eye

A video is always more impactful than texts as the human brain seeks out information from videos when compared to texts. Therefore, the rapid success of video ads is not difficult to understand. It opens up a new dimension of advertisement where the moving images or characters convey the message more effectively and elaborately in less time. Video ads are considered to convert leads into sales most accurately. A video ad also acts perfectly in educating and informing the mass; in fact, more quickly than a 1000 words blog. Consequently, video ads are going to be one of the very effecting digital advertising trends in the days to come, especially for the e-commerce industry.

Localized digital advertising

Localized digital advertising refers to personalized or location-based advertisements. It is aimed at creating personalized, customized, and targeted marketing strategies that target the customers of a particular place. It is not a new idea completely but the advent of technology like GPS has made it even simpler. Today, apps push notifications and text messages are some of the localized digital advertising techniques that have come into play. Advertisements in local languages are even more impactful for localized digital advertising campaigns. It helps to connect with the target audience emotionally and build the trust for brands more easily and quickly.

To know more about digital advertising trends

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