Customer Intelligence Is the Game Changer in Marketing Technology

Aug 31, 2017

With organizations emphasizing on effective customer relationship management, leveraging customer intelligence insights has become the key to ensure a successful marketing strategy. Some of the widely available, easily accessible, and the most popular marketing technology options in the market opted by marketers are Ask an analystCRM, analytics, and social media marketing tools and solutions. However, the marketers fail to understand the fact that understanding consumer behavior is essential to ensure profitability and retain market shares. Customer intelligence, a combination of big data and data science, answers the why of consumer behavior and identifies customer buying patterns.

Customer Intelligence is the Key Element

Marketers have data at their disposal but much of it is redundant and inaccurate. For the data to make sense, businesses must make use of data cleansing techniques to get rid of unnecessary information, which will improve data analysis and offer in-depth insights to improve decision making. Businesses need both real-time information and historical data to develop compelling marketing campaigns to enhance and improve customer experience. In today’s competitive and dynamic environment, power and control have moved from the brands to the customers, thanks to the growing internet penetration and the sudden surge in mobile, social, and cloud applications. Customer intelligence platforms enable organizations to make better decisions by driving customer engagement across several mediums and channels. Moreover, it offers insights that help marketers to prioritize their activities and ensure that the brand message resonates with their target customers.

Leverage Customer Insights to Drive Brand Advocacy

The insights gained from customer intelligence solutions can be leveraged by marketers to not only engage with their target group but also to convert them into brand advocates. By leveraging various business intelligence tools, businesses can easily gain access to reliable, accurate customer insights, and feedbacks on their promotional activities and marketing programs. Driving brand advocacy among their target market by establishing real-time connection with them, helps the business drive customer loyalty and gain a competitive edge in the market. Organizations are increasingly spending a larger portion of their budget on marketing technology and other digital tools that help them improve and enhance customer experience by understanding the consumer behavior and preferences.

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