All Eyes on “Customer Experience”: Trends to Be Prepared for in 2018

Feb 16, 2018

Success in the field of business is no longer only about the amount of profits that you generate. Current demands and trends call for companies to place customer experience ahead of the sales motive.  Top brands in the market are employing strategies such as customer intelligence to understand the needs and mindset of the customers and streamline their processes accordingly. Customer experience matters for modern businesses because there are plenty of fishes in the sea for customers to buy the same products. Therefore, it is vital to differentiate yourself and give customers a reason to come back to you. Consequently, it is high time that you evaluate where your company stands in terms of customer experience and whether you are on the right track to delight your customers. Take a note of the top customer experience trends that are expected to hit the markets in 2018:

Customers take charge

The dawn of the digital era has transformed the way customers were perceived earlier. Today, the customers have access to more knowledge and network than ever before, all at the click of a button. As time passes, the trend of consumers becoming more empowered is only going to get stronger. Furthermore, with social media becoming prevalent, the voice of each customer matters to everyone online. This puts immense pressure on companies to put out their best and understand that no customer is unimportant. Businesses need to use customer intelligence techniques to understand what their audience expects and tailor their offerings to suit these requirements.

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Customer service can make or break the business

According to a new research, one of the main reasons for customer attrition or decline in loyalty is due to poor customer service. Several factors help to create an overall customer experience, the service levels before or after a purchase is a highly crucial contributor to creating an overall experience for buyers. Long hold times, unreasonable compensations or query resolutions, or monotonous customer service add-on to poor customer service. Providing top-notch service is the way forward for companies to prevent themselves from losing more customers to competitors.

Move over multichannel: Omni-channel takes the front seat

The rate at which technology is being adopted by the average customer demand for businesses to shift to omnichannel models to enhance their customer experience. By having a good omnichannel customer experience platforms in place, retailers can bid goodbye to redundant systems that are time-consuming. Companies need to understand that modern consumers have high expectations from companies. They must evaluate themselves to understand if they are equipped to satisfy the customers, if not take immediate corrective action.

IoT and AI in creating a unique customer experience

This is the age of intelligent machines and technology. Several retailers are actively identifying ways in which they can incorporate modern technologies such as IoT and AI to create a long-lasting customer experience. Additionally, these advanced technologies can facilitate in customer intelligence that helps businesses gain in-depth knowledge about their customer shopping behavior and demographics. Also, Chatbots or intelligent virtual assistants, are widely being used to provide intelligent & personalized conversational experiences and instantly solve the customer’s query.

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