The Coronavirus Ripple Effect: Analyzing the Challenges Impacting New Drug Development

Mar 4, 2020

As China accounts for roughly 40% of the global active pharmaceutical ingredients production, the outbreak of the novel coronavirus could potentially disrupt the drug supply and business of branded and generic drug manufacturers. Since the emergence of COVID-19, drug manufacturers are racing to speed the development of diagnostics for detecting the infectious agent and developing coronavirus drug to prevent the infection. However, the experts at WHO report that the coronavirus drug development process will take much longer as each step in the drug development pipeline faces potential challenges. This article outlines some critical factors impacting the new drug development for coronavirus.

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Challenges Impacting the New Coronavirus Drug Development

Lack of R&D and other testing constraints

Scientists and drug manufacturers are facing challenges in determining the characteristics of the current coronavirus, its epidemiology, and transmission patterns. While major pharma companies have been instrumental in isolating the novel coronavirus, the challenge lies in culturing the virus in the lab under secure and sterile conditions.

Drug trial slowed by lack of eligible recruits

The next challenge drugmakers face is developing and validating the right biological model for the virus. Clinical trials to test new coronavirus drugs are going more slowly than expected as pharma companies are struggling to recruit qualified patients.

Dependency on China for active pharmaceutical ingredients

For general pharma players depending on China for APIs, the continued outbreak may increase the risk of supply chain disruption. This could lead to slower growth of the new drugs in the short term. The suspended API production in China will further disrupt the distribution of drugs flowing from China to other nations, resulting in a shortage of APIs for new drug development if the outbreak persists.

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How Infiniti’s New Drug Development Strategy Can Help Pharma Companies Combat Coronavirus Drug Development Challenges?

We at Infiniti understand that recruiting qualified patients and tackling supply chain complexities are key objectives of pharma companies in effectively launching new drugs in the market. Here’s how our services can help you combat new drug development challenges for curing COVID-19.

Contract development and manufacturing

As coronavirus is spreading throughout the globe, pharma companies are in the need to speed up the coronavirus drug development approach. Our experts can help you to identify the best contract development and manufacturing organizations to achieve strategic goals at various stages of the product lifecycle – from clinical research and approval to drug commercialization. Our research coverage includes outsourcing services, bio-processing platforms, and single-use technologies.

Patient recruitment research

Patient recruitment delays are remarkably common and costly. In fact, nearly 80 percent of patient recruitment timelines in clinical trials are not met and over 50 percent of the patients are not enrolled within the planned time frames, according to major pharma players. With our expertise in offering patient recruitment research services to over 50+ pharma companies, we can help you to devise a patient profiling model to create a profile of typical patients for each trial and reduce delays in bringing new drugs to the market.

Market research services

To achieve continued double-digit growth and mitigate risks in R&D and manufacturing, pharma companies must gather actionable intelligence into the market needs and determine the characteristics of the current coronavirus drug. By leveraging our existing database of physicians, HCPs (Health Care Personnel), and patients in the target countries, we can help you gather relevant insights to make your drug development process smoother.

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