Construction Chemicals– Making Green Buildings a Reality

June 16, 2017

A niche segment of the chemical industry, construction chemicals improve the overall quality and durability of the buildings. Widely used as bonding agents, tile adhesives, expansion & crack joint filters, and plasticizers, these chemicals increase the overall life of the construction work along with providing protection against environmental hazards. With the growing demand for green buildings, the adoption of these chemicals in the construction industry has grown manifold.

Why the need for green buildings?

There is more to the idea of green buildings than just being part of the ‘go green’ trend. According to experts in environmental studies, around 40% of the GHGs and wastes come from the construction industry. A rather resource-intensive industry, constructing a building consumes a lot of natural resources. As a result, there has been an increase in demand for buildings that not only add aesthetic value to the location but are also examples of sustainable development.

Green buildings are constructions that cause a negligible impact on the natural environment of the project site. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency these are structures built using processes that are resource-efficient and environmentally responsible. Also known as high-performance buildings, this idea extends beyond buildings and covers issues like site planning, land-use strategy, and community building.

Construction chemicals and green buildings

The growing awareness of the environmental effects of conventional buildings and changes in government policies throughout the world are the two major reasons behind the large-scale adoption of construction chemicals for buildings. Major players in the construction industry are now paying increased focus on LEED ratings, green points, and sustainable buildings.

Even though the use of these chemicals increases the overall cost of construction, its environmental benefits are far greater. Apart from adding more strength to the buildings, it helps bring down the volume of water and cement used in the construction process at an exceptional rate. Another major reason behind the increased adoption of construction chemicals is that it enhances the performance of emerging building technologies like new thermoset hotmelts, structural tapes, and multi-purpose adhesives.

Construction chemicals are one of the best things to be introduced in the building construction industry. Its judicious use is sure to change the face of the global housing market and have a favorable impact on the environment.

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