Building Stronger Cities with Fiberglass and Actionable Market Insights

May 10, 2017

As cities are getting bigger, an ever-incrementing number of skyscrapers and aesthetically appointed buildings are adding to the urban skyline. Underneath the facade, and directly contributing to their durability, is a new composite material that has already ingrained itself in the automotive and manufacturing sectors. Fiberglass is explained as a ‘reinforced plastic material composed of glass fibers embedded in a resin matrix’- and, the popularity of this versatile construction material is on an upcurve.

As a manufacturer of fiberglass materials, the forthcoming time slab between 2017-2021 will be an exhilarating and equally exhausting experience for your business. While the unchecked speed of urbanization and massive investments on infrastructure projects across the world will spell opportunities, the ever-incrementing cost of construction, cut-throat competition and the emergence of carbon fiber technology as a legitimate threat will keep you grounded. The road ahead seems lithe and profitable, yet what are the guarantees?

How Market Insights help the Construction Industry Brave the Challenges?

Actionable Insights will serve as the wind beneath your wings. With a booming industry and a profit making personal enterprise, many businesses have the tendency to switch onto the auto-piolet mode and breeze through challenges that are either severely localized or are just internal conflicts. Larger concerns that amount to emerging competition, later day technologies, compatibility with set rules and regulations and questions over quality, production capacity and fluctuating prices aren’t given their due attention. Actionable insights, as presented by a competent market intelligence partner, helps your business deal with the following inevitable questions.

As a manufacturer, can you afford to let your competitor make the next move? Is innovation and R&D truly the way out? What are the next set of waves to impact the global fiberglass building products market? And, are you ready to ride these waves onto sustained profitability?

The Infiniti Advantage – Expert Approach to an Evolving Problem

Photo of 3d printed pieces in an Advanced Manufacture Laboratory.

According to an internal market research paper penned by Infiniti Research, the global fiberglass market is worth an imposing USD 12.8 billion in 2016, and the fiberglass building products market constitutes 28.99% of this global behemoth. Not surprisingly, the latter is expected to reel in USD 4,883.6 million by 2021 at a commendable CAGR of 5.65%. By all estimates, fiberglass will play an important role in the fortunes of our expanding megacities- imbibed in roofs and walls, which as a result will be more shock absorbent, corrosion resistant, will demand less maintenance, be fire-resistant, lightweight and have superior strength when compared to conventional construction materials.

With its research expertise stretching to markets in 100+ countries, Infiniti Research can help your business discern between realistic possibilities and financial liabilities. An expert team of 500+ analysts are proficient at reaching out to the luminaries in your area of specialty, and gain from them qualitative and quantitative insights that can then be superimposed over your marketing roadmap. With these deep insights, your business can make the adequate adjustments, investments or excise away the unnecessary obligations, thereby streamlining your business for sustained and assured profitability.

Dealing in Fiberglass Building Products? Infiniti Research is the market insights partner you’re looking for – Contact us.

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