Best Cross Selling Tips to Help Retailers Grab That Extra Penny

Dec 6, 2017

What is cross selling? Think of the last time you ordered a piece of cake at a restaurant, and the server asked you “Would like to add-on a scoop of ice-cream?” , or the last time you bought a shirt at a retail store and the consultant at the store asked you “Shall I show you matching ties to go with that shirt?”, Well, that is what cross selling is all about. To get to the bottom of it, cross selling basically refers to the art of suggesting additional items to your customers, which is complementary to the items that they have already decided to purchase – prompting them to spend a little extra at your store. Believe us when we say that if done in the right manner, cross selling not only increases your sales but also acts as a great tool to gain customer loyalty and trust in the long run. So how do you get that spot in the customer’s books? Here are some quick sales tips to help you get there:IR_Brochure

Get Your Pairing Right

You cannot pair every single item available at your store with each other. So, before a customer walks into your store, it is essential that you know what products available at your store best complement one another and can be paired together. This will make things much simpler for you to make appropriate suggestions to the customers, and most importantly make the customers feel that the suggestion you are making is valuable and appeals to them.cross selling

Be Relevant

Customers are mostly rational and make purchases only when they feel that a product provides them some value. When cross selling to a customer, what you need to be is “smart” and what you need to have is “a good presence of mind.” Just because your motive is to increase sales, bear in mind that you are making a sensible suggestion and at the same time you don’t sound pushy. What you have to do is to build a good rapport with your customer and understand their taste and preferences. Selling ice to an Eskimo depends on your marketing skills.

Keep Similar Goods Close, but Complimentary Goods Closer

From a customer’s perspective, cross selling is all about unplanned purchases. Therefore, by showcasing items that go best with one another, the customers are more likely to get attracted to combinations and make impulsive purchases. This also makes it easier for the employees at a retail store to remember the aptest combinations and make suggestions to the customers accordingly.

cross selling

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