Digital Transformations Reshaping the Future of Automotive Industry

Oct 18, 2017

Digitization and technological advancements are gradually changing the face of the automotive industry. The consumers have become more demanding in terms of gaining a digitally enhanced experience, which has subsequently forced the companies to revamp their digital and technological offerings. Here are some of the key digital transformation trends in the automotive industry:IR_Brochure

 Transformation in the Car Buying Process

 The conventional form of car buying is a stressful process. The hassle of having to deal with a negotiating salesperson is gradually changing in the industry. Thanks to the development of technology, customers today are well informed about a car well before they step into a showroom. This transformation has provoked dealers in the automotive industry to go digital. Many popular websites also serve as an information and virtual display source by the click of a button for customers aspiring to buy a car.

 Self-driven Cars

 Self-driven cars are a breakthrough invention in the automotive industry. It is expected that self-driven cars will decrease automotive accidents and deaths and will also give the people, previously constrained, the freedom to travel. However, there are various regulatory barriers for the growth of self-driven cars because of the usage of the internet, which is exposed to threats such as hacking.

 Connected supply chain and improved manufacturing

 Like  most other industries, the digital transformation trends are being used to personalize a customer’s needs in the automotive industry. Digitizing the connected supply chain drives down cost, engages the consumer, and collects data to serve the consumers better. In addition, digital transformation has helped in bringing about transparency in the supply chain, delivery, and accelerating design and manufacturing.

 Predictive Maintenance

 Machines are not as smart as human beings; however, the digital transformation in the automotive industry has been a game-changer in making vehicles smarter. The vehicles being designed today have the ability to report various maintenance issues that would otherwise go unnoticed by a vehicle owner. Vehicles can now indicate if the tires need air or if a part must be replaced. This helps reduce the risk of unforeseen vehicle breakdowns and maintenance requirements.

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